Replacing standard lens with wide angle or telephoto

How I change lenses on Wyze cameras:

After removing the camera lens, you can carefully pick the glue that the factory put on the lens to keep it’s focus. ***** CAREFUL OF THE SENSOR ****


With a telephoto lens in one of my cameras, after the motion detection area was upgraded to multiple squares that you swipe to enable, it was way too sensitive and creating 12 second Clips every 5 minutes. Even enabling only 4 squares presented the same problem with constant clips.

Which the heck orientation does that gasket around the lens go? It got away from me the first time I took the camera apart and I was never really sure that I reinstalled it in the correct orientation.

The larger of the two surrounding holes went up on my camera, the large (lens) hole actually fits in the plastic surround… There’s a grove in the outside of the rubber sleeve that the lens fits into… Install rubber gasket into surround then push lens into sleeve after that you can snap in the surround into the front of the camera.

Another neat way to remove the plastic faceplate posted by @sodcam.