Wide angle lens kit on amazon and hidden v2 cam

Looks like the aftermarket stepped up and made a kit for wyze cams, tools and instructions included.

and besides that a way to hide the camera itself


Excellent find, no more fighting the super glued lens (assuming this new filter and lens aren’t also super glued). Not sure that’s 170 degrees with the new lens, going by posted pics in the feedback.


Love theLens. Ordered one and will test ASAP. Great find - looks almost worth it just for the tools!


I may have to try this out also


This would be a great upgrade for outdoor V2 cameras


I installed this lens today. Here is my before and after.


Easy directions? Easy install?

Install was not bad. Only directions were this video - wyze cam replacement lens installation method. - YouTube.

The screw driver that it came with was a nice thought, but really cheap and broke on the first few screws. Overall it is an improvement for my use case.


I’d like to do this to the V2s I have mounted outside.

I have 10 acres to monitor. A larger view would be nice.

I ordered one. Had a small credit at Amazon. Be here Friday so I’ll have a weekend project.


Bought this and installed it and I am happy to say that it is a great upgrade and super easy to do… To focus mine I had to unscrew the lens quite a bit but the picture is great as you can see


Just me or does the image quality appear to be better?

I think it is also. Part if the install is that you focus the lens manually which gave me the opportunity to get it set as best as possible.

Just make sure you don’t accidently press that reset button before it’s focused. Took longer than I want to admit to get it blindly focused enough to read that QR code…


Oh ok I love this as it was something I was asking for sometime back for Wyze Cam 3.

Not thrilled that it’s almost as much as the camera itself. Maybe it’ll come down to say $10 in time. Or cheaper find direct from China on eBay perhaps in time.

Think I’ll still order a few to play with, especially where I’m covering the house outside. NOT going to order to replace all dozen plus wyze cams I currently have. If Wyze did it themselves, perhaps with some other upgrades I would for sure swap them all out.

Thanks !

It is only around $10 if you just buy a new lens.

Now if they would do the same for a varifocal or even a telephoto.

M12 HD 2.8-12mm 3 Megapixel F1.4 Manual Focus Zoom Varifocal CCTV MTV IR Lens Fixed Iris for CCTV Security Camera (No IR Filter) $11.99


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No Amazon Prime though