Lens Adapter(s) Attachment for Wyze Cameras

I noticed both the window mount and attachable light for the V3 Wyze Cam. Both GREAT ideas.

I would like to see a lens adapter for the outdoor Wyze Cam.

Previously I just used my cams for security and the occasional time lapse of clouds/weather.

With the advent of the wireless outdoor cam I’m now capturing my bird feeder and found that the images aren’t as clear as I would like.

If you had a set of lens adapters I could attach with a strap or rubber band which would allow different views I feel it would be a great addition. Mobile phones have them, why now Wyze?

If you can’t provide such devices maybe you would publish the lens specifications maybe I could make my own.

Thanks in advance!

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As in a macro style lens? Or something similar?

Yes, certainly. A macro adapter would be wonderul.

Ideally the camera should be mades with interchangeable lenses. But to keep it waterproof that might not be possible.
And, the zoom feature many are requesting may not happen for a long time.

So, in the mean time strap on, or band on lens adapters may be a good solution.

Lens adapters in front of the camera are based on the FoV of the camera. So, an adapter which is compatible with a camera like the iPhone 11 Pro 0.5x wide or iPhone 12 0.5x wide would possibly work. I don’t think there are any of these on the market.

They would need to change the standard camera lens to be narrower, to be compatible with most of the lens adapters on the market. Then, users would be able to use the lens adapters like these cell phone camera adapter kits.

The best method to create a truly interchangeable version would be to use various small interchangeable lenses. This would require a bit of hacking and would result in a camera that is not waterproof, unless designed properly.

When using a Cam for relatively close up work (bird feeders, nesting boxes, 3D printer monitoring, etc), the resulting video can be blurry due to the lack of close focusing capability from the Cam.

A simple stick-on screw adapter with a range of diopter lenses would solve this quickly and easily - but there’s nothing out there that I can find that isn’t for DSLR camera lenses. These cover the IR lights as well and then cause reflection at night.

Could be a valuable side offer from Wyze or a third party?

There’s a guy on Etsy selling a “Focus Ring Wyze Cam v3 DIY Modification” for making the Wyze Cam V3 focus adjustable. The two downsides are that you have to open the cam (which voids any warranty) and the focus ring displaces the gasket around the lens, so the modified camera can only be used indoors.

Here is a little more info on focus.

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Did anyone catch this announcement in the most recent Wyze Newsletter? Sounds hopeful! :crossed_fingers: