Replacement lenses for Wyze Cam V3

With Wyze replacing all my foggy lens Wyze Cam V3 that were not as weather resistant as Wyze had expected. I now have some foggy cameras that I could put new zoom or other lens in for a laugh. Will not be fit for outdoor because once you break the seal they are not going to be that good outside anymore. That said… What lens have you put in your V3s and what other modifications to your V3s have people done?

There are several posts about swapping lenses, do a search of the forum for those threads.

Hi @bryonhu,

I did review the forums before I made this post and their is only one other post that talks about people thinking about V3 cam lens replacements and none of them talk about what lens they thought was best. So because the searches didn’t answer the question I am asking I made a new post.

I was hoping a few people who may have had some good or bad experiences purchasing and swapping lens on the V3 (not V2) may share what they have found worked best for them. Almost everything previously was about V2 lens replacements.

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Yea apparently no one is messing with v3s…

I found two guys on YouTube who did with great results… But I was thinking many more must have and would know best places to buy lenses.

One example is a small zoom lens: Wyze cam v3 lens swap image comparison. (From previous video) - YouTube

Another did short focus: Wyze Cam V3 Adjustable Focus | Focus Ring for 3D Printer Monitoring and More! - YouTube

And a big zoom lens:


Thanks, It’s not something I’m interested in but I agree the only posts I’d seen were about the V2.

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