Wyze V3 Replacement Lens

Does someone know where I can purchase a exact replacement lens for my V3 that has condensation inside the lens & it wont clear. I am capable of replacing the lens. I just need to know which lens to purchase. I see Amazon has some options, but I would like to make one purchase and get the exact lens with the same specs as the original. Has anyone accomplished changing the lens to make there V3 usable again?

Just go buy them …you have 30 days to return it on Amazon

put it i a bag of rice for a day

Can’t find where to buy the lens… anyone?

Check out this v3 lens swap video. In the description there is a link to the lens kit that was used.

I have done the lens swap on v2 and v3 cameras. The v3 has a slightly wider FOV than the stock v2. The stock lens for the v3 is 2.8mm, but don’t quote me on that.
Google m12 lenses on Amazon and lens replacement/swap in the Wyze forums and you will find a wealth of info on this.
I have replaced about 5 v3 lenses for the exact same reason as you, moisture in the lens. It cannot be removed by the “bag of rice” method. If you look closely at the v3 lens you will see a concave seal around the perimeter that allows moisture in the lens over time.

This has happened on every v3 camera I have put outside in the direct elements. Those outside but under cover do not have this happen. The v2 was a better sealed lens and I have used some old v2 lenses as direct replacements for the v3 without issue so far.

Just out of curiosity, why not get a new camera instead?

Lenses are cheap and the camera is still good …
And you’re not giving Wyze more money :rofl:

Fair enough :slight_smile:

Pardon my ignorance, but some of those lenses are same price as the cameras not to mention the time to tinker and have them replaced.

I guess, whatever rocks your boat :slight_smile:

If i can fix it, I’ll try to fix it instead of throwing in the garbage can.

Yeah, i can only find the lens from amazon but way to expensive. That’s why i was asking.
But i founf similar lens from aliexpress and i ordered couple of them to see if it fits. It was $2.54. If the lens works I’ll buy them more for backup

If you search around lenses can be purchased for $2 to $10…

I am old and lazy but if you search the forums you will find several posts where I discuss the different focal lengths with links. The lenses are available on Amazon for a few dollars.
I needed a different lens for the v3 cameras in my birdhouse and feeder. The stock lens was designed for distance. With the new lens, I was able to focus down to a few inches.