Water in Lens

My V3 is outside and was braving our California storms, was doing good until yesterday when I noticed the video appeared foggy. Took a close look at the camera and there is condensation inside the lens. Is it possible to get into it to clean?

You can take it apart, but your best bet is probably to put it in rice or out in the sun


What sun ?, have not seen anything that looks like a Sun in a long time, rain and hail today with some thunder bumpers. Raccoons are not happy. :slightly_frowning_face: :raccoon:

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The same in my area, thunder, hail and rain. My camera also looks like some dust got inside the lens too and not just condensation. So the rice and Sun thing won’t cut it. It needs to be wiped down. But I’m not sure if that part can be opened. Hate to think the camera is now trash.

Hair dryer, just don’t melt the lens?
The raccoons now have a new pool to go with their water bowl.

Again, there is also dust inside the lens, so a hair dryer won’t fix that. This was most likely to over a week of rain.

Okay so I did a search and discovered that it’s almost impossible to get in and clean behind the lens cover. So basically my V3 camera is now junk. I know this camera is not completely “waterproof” but it was not out in direct rain and was under a back porch overhang and I’m honestly confused as to how dust and water got inside the external lens cover, over the camera lens.

Try and see if Wyze will replace it.

Oh they will replace it, if I send them money for a new one.

Stranger things have happened. There are people that received water damage replacement after warranty was over. It doesn’t cost you anything to try.

Okay so I did contact Wyze and looks like they will replace it, but I haven’t seen written confirmation yet that it was ordered.

So now Wyze said they won’t replace my camera because it’s outside of the warranty period. I’m a little upset because I told the first support person how old the camera was and gave him the order information and he said they were going to replace it and passed my issue on to someone else who then said that it looks like my camera is outside of the warranty period and that they won’t be replacing it.

Wyze…educate your people so they don’t give false hope to your customers!!!

You gave it a shot. I guess it all depends how nice a person is that is handling your case :frowning:

Being nice had nothing to do with it, it’s more about employees not being trained enough. It’s one thing had the person not known my camera was outside the warranty, but the first thing he should have said was if it is way outside of the warranty then there is nothing they could do and I would have excepted that. But to say they were going to replace it and then I get an email from another employee saying sorry but it’s outside of the warranty so we can’t remedy it, that’s lack of information and communication. And I wasn’t trying to hide anything because I told the first rep that my camera was 2 years old.

That’s were being nice comes into play :slight_smile:

Being nice didn’t help, they still said they weren’t going to replace it. I had a V2 camera in the same spot for more years then the V3, and it was fine. I would have thought the V3 would have be just as resilient to the weather.

Well call me shocked, but Wyze really came through :bangbang:

Called about an order that the post office lost, will have to wait 3-5 more days…

But while on the call I brought up a V3 that sucked water into the lens during the big storms lately.

The camera will be 2 years old in 2 months and Wyze said they will replace it :grin:

Those whom know my outdoor camera locations know they see it all from rain, snow and ice to 100°F+ summers only 1 cam out of 24 outside had this issue…

Frankly at Wyze CS did a great job :+1:

Now I have a camera to take apart :grin:


I also live in Cali and the rivers of rain did the same to one of my Cam V3s a couple of times so far this season. The sun took care of the problem the first couple of times. But the last storm this past weekend not only fogged over my V3 it knocked out my siren too. So I moved the cam inside yesterday and it seems to be clearing up but the siren still isn’t working. Will wait and see, “What God hath wrought!”. I love my Wyze cams. :sun_with_face:

Well Wyze now changed it to a $20 gift certificate…

I guess Frankly the Wyze representative over spoke on replacing the V3

:money_with_wings: Better than nothing I guess! Fog has cleared on mine but the siren is still not working properly. Time will tell.