Condensation on lens on Wyze Cam v3

My Wyze Cam v3 appears to have condensation on the inside of the lens, resulting in a constantly blurry image. I have tried cleaning the lens exterior and also updated the Firmware.

Are there further suggestions I can try to fix this issue?

Here is a video that shows you how to TearDown and swap a v3 lens. Video may be helpful to get at the lens if you want to try to clean the inside.

I’m willing to possibly give this a try if all else fails, but am concerned about this solution because it doesn’t really address the issue of how the condensation formed in the first place? If something in the casing isn’t sealed properly then taking it apart and reassembling has the potential to make it an even bigger problem. Nevertheless, I’ll keep it as an option for sure. Thanks for this video and for taking the time to reply!

Here is another thread with some recommendations that may help.

You can do what i did i replaced them with the V3-PRO