My fourth Wize Cam V3 with a foggy lens

Sadly Wyze said because this is a camera that they already replaced a year ago they can’t replace it again. After about a year in wet weather and high winds it gets a foggy lens.

This has been posted about on the forums for years and Wyze has never admitted the flaw. My question is are any of the new Cameras such as the V3 Pro or Cam OG better or will they also get foggy lenses?

At this point Wyze said they will just give me a $10 gift card.

Are you able to mount your v3 cameras inside? All of my v3 cameras are inside aimed through double pane windows. Coming up on 2 years and all of my v3 cameras are working great because they are out of the weather. This thread has example pictures of what to expect when aiming through windows.

Yes I have one mounted that way. But some places no good window for a view exists. In addition I find having them outside gives me a much better picture and you can use the IR functions that you can’t do through a window.

Wyze is promoting them as outdoor cameras so if the solution is to put them inside that is quite sad.