Water or fogging inside the camera

My Wyze Cam V3 appears to have fogging or water inside the camera body? Has anyone had any issues with fogging in the lense or camera of a V3?

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Looks more like glare from the sun across the street just at the peak of the house on the right.

You need to do a warranty replacement at Wyze

I would agree from that view it looks more like glare, need to see another image without the sun at that angle


I have actually had water get into one of my V3’s. but it was a rather exceptional case and yes that cam is out of warranty…but it does still work.

the exceptional case you ask? a very very low funnel cloud went through my back yard last year. surprisingly it didn’t rip the cam down, the bug tree in my back yard wasn’t so lucky. I ended up on TV because having a near touch down in a small back yard with NO damage to any surrounding houses was rather amazing. and of course I caught it on a few other cameras and that footage was used by meteorologists to verify a tornado producing storm as there were others that did touch down :slight_smile:

it’s possible, but it takes a bit of work from mother nature.

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Here is another example. It is a cam 3 so it is still my first year. Hopefully they will replace it.

It looks like fog

That doesn’t look good.

Wyze just informed me they are replacing my camera.


Ok and

Wondering if others are experiencing this issue or if it is quite rare.

Sounds like the seal got popped do you live in Hi elevation?

I wouldn’t say it is a widespread issue, but I have seen one other instance of it

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Great question. No I am at about 200 feet above sea level.

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I have two v2s that have glare like this. They are underneath eves, but maybe condensation got to them…

As the V2s are not outdoors I would expect that but the V3s should be weatherproof. So I didn’t expect this to happen with them. And obviously Wyze didn’t as well as they are replacing mine. Should arrive in a few weeks.

Very happy with the service I received from Wyze.

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I had some V1/V2s get this haze. After watching some YouTube videos, I figured out how to disassemble and fix this issue. Thanks to Wyze for making it easy enough.

I recorded my own tips if you are up for trying. Not sure about V3 yet.

Wyze Camera DIY Disassembly and Repair V1/2

Hope this helps.

V3 is a different camera and this video for lens swap has all the necessary information to disassemble/reassemble a Wyze Cam V3

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2 of my V3 fogged, and did not recover completely. They clearly did not like the change in weather colder and moist. Rated for outdoors, but not really…

V3 in the rain now and for the last 2 days, temp 52* currently, Was 34 * in the morning.