Anyone have an v3 they don’tt want?

Does anyone have an old, broken, or unused v3 that they can give up? I see the posts about changing the focus of the lens but I do not want to risk ruining my good camera. Something I can open up and fiddle with the innards before I actually attempt it on my good one.

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In the event that someone has a Cam v3 to offer, please use the Direct Message feature to exchange private information.

Maybe this overview will help as a tutorial:


Thanx Newshound - I will give it a view for sure !

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Thanx Newshound - I would have probably ruined my V3 if I had not seen this video !!!

No need for a practice cam. I will be re-focusing my 2nd cam soon.

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Thanx again for the re-focusing link:


Very nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here’s my 1st nuthatch: