What is the minimum focal distance on the Wyze Cam 3?

I am using my Wyze cam 3 to monitor my 3D Printer. I have a few questions

What is the minimum focal distance on the Wyze Cam 3?
Can the focus be fixed or set manaually?

It’s fixed, and it will get pretty close. Can’t say that I have ever measured it, but as I recall it will focus at something under a foot.

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Welcome to the forum @mattmcd31

For reference

2 inches

4 inches

6 inches

8 inches

10 inches

12 inches

And if you click through them real fast it looks like stop motion :smiley:
Hope this helps.


Ok, now do the same in cm and mm… :rofl:

Actually would be interesting to see if when you double tap to zoom what it looks like as well.

I opened one on the computer fullscreen, then hit the left or right arrow fast, or held it down and it zooms in or out really fast. LOL It was hypnotizing. :flushed:
Zoom in zoom out


You can refocus it, and even swap the lens if you like. This YouTube video has both processes in it:


Thanx Newshound - I would have probably ruined my V3 if I had not seen this video !!!

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Had a few challenges but got through it. Focused indoors at what I thought was going to be good at the feeders but had to tear it back down and re-focus on the site.
Thanx Again !!!

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