Trade-In old v2's for new v3

I have multiple Wyze Cam v2’s and I would like to upgrade to the new v3. Has anyone heard if Wyze does a trade in for a discount on the new version of cameras? I don’t want to buy 4 or 5 new versions and then jsut have the old versions sitting around collecting dust.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @nquin!
This is currently on the #wishlist as “probably not”, this means Wyze may do it, but chances are slim.


Thanks for the heads up. Amazon had a trade in/ trade up program for when they come out with new versions of their products, I was hoping Wyze had something similar.


That’s understandable! I think it’s also hard for Wyze because of the profit margins on their products.


The paperwork alone would kill any margin on a $20 camera, even before postage and materials and handling. Would it be worth it to you to spend $5 of your own to send back a camera for a $1 discount on a new one? Because that’s probably a best case scenario.