Cam v3 trade in program?

Since we all know that the ONLY drawback to the WYZE v2 camera is the terrible night vision.
It would nice if there was a trade-in program where v2 cams could be traded in for a partial credit on a v3.

That way we wont have to throw the older v2 out or give them to someone that doesn’t need night vision.
But to me, night vision security is more important than day, by far.
Thank you

Someone else requested a wishlist on this subject but it’s highly unlikely to happen. Wyze has very thin margins as it is. You can always try selling locally or gifting your old V2.

I think that is asking for too much.

Another way of thinking about it is… I would rather them offer lowest up front cost they can, then having to build in the cost of offering and supporting trade-ins.

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