V2 Camera Upgrades


Does anyone know if there are offers to upgrade V2 cameras to the new V3 models? Please let me know if you do. Thanks

Welcome to the community! There is currently no trade-in or “upgrade” program for Wyze Cam V2 to V3. You may be able to re-sell them on another platform and use the money to buy new V3 cameras, but no trade-in program is available.

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Well that really sucks, should be something for your early supporters.

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Welcome to toWyze community @kenner!
In addition to @kenner’s post, there’s a #wishlist item here:

This is marked as probably not, witch means Wyze most likely won’t do it but it’s not a hard no.

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Still think its pretty bad form of Wyze not to offer something. I won’t be buying advance products again that’s for sure and I’ve pretty much bought everything you’ve offered so far

With their margins on a $20 camera I don’t see how a trade in program could do anything but cost them money?

@tcapone, I agree with you. Wyze should think about a loyal customer to keep in Wyze Community. It is easier for the consumer to settle with an old device by not toss out.

Wyze can use V2 components in other use. So it will win-win for all. Maybe, free shipping or $5 credit for trade-in might help for early buyers.