WCO early adopters deserve refunds or discount on V3's

I feel very frustrated and misled right now with the introduction of the weatherproof v3 that’s being advertised for outdoor use. I was an early purchaser of the WCO - bought 2 of them - both have the battery issues many have spoken about here (including me). The simple fact of the matter is, I can’t use it outdoors for its intended purpose. Meanwhile, while v3 doesn’t have a battery, it’s a much better option than the WCO for my purposes. In fact, I’m ordering v3’s to replace the v2’s I ended up running cable for to use outdoors. But I feel like those that were early adopters of WCO should be offered a refund or at least a discount on v3’s. The little cowboy hat for my camera was the only thing in the box that’s worked as expected. :frowning:

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