V3 was not meant for outdoor use

The last three v3’s I’ve put outside end up like this one. They are not built to withstand the elements.

Looks like you have your v3 cameras mounted very low. Are you able to place your v3 cameras inside? All of my v3 cameras are inside aimed through double pane windows and working great after 2 years. Here are some sample pictures of what aiming through double pane windows looks like on this link.

Take a look at this thread:

TL;DR, The v3 (and now two of my WCO v1’s) have issues with moisture getting into the lens.

What is a WCO V1?


The Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) V1.

To their credit, the WCO v1 did last several years of “outdoor” use before they succumbed to the same issue as the v3. I never had a V3 last more than a year in direct weather.

Here is an interesting video on increased weatherproofing.

Can’t say the case shown in the video is exactly made for the V3, but I have used cases like these for the V2 and OG cameras, mostly because they lacked a 1/4-20 screw for mounting options.
Regardless the issues depicted in this thread would not be mitigated with these, or any cases I have seen. Largely because the moisture gets into the lens from the front. None of these cases provide any protection from the elements on the front.