Are the new cameras more waterproof then the V3?

I have found after about a year outside I always have to replace my V3 cameras because of water getting in and the images just not as sharp as it once was.

Has anyone seen any issues with the newer cameras having degrading picture quality over time?

I currently have seven V3 cameras outside, but all are at least reasonably weather protected under the eves. Some have been there for several years. None are having issues, but they don’t get rained on.
I also have a V2 that has the little “house” cover that is totally unprotected from rain except for the cover. It has been in place around four years and still going strong.
From what I have read here, you can’t leave a V3 mounted upside down where rain can accumulate on the bottom of the camera.
Lastly I have a V3 Pan that is under the eves that has been in place for a couple months. That one is a bit more exposed if the wind blows while it’s raining. We’ll see how it fares…

I have several v3 cameras outside, some out in the direct weather, others partially under cover/eves.
For those that get direct rain, I have had moisture in the lens after about 10-12 months on every single one of them.
Every. Single. One.
To date I have had 4 cameras replaced by Wyze for this issue. To be clear this is for moisture in the lens, not inside the body. There appears to be a lens defect with the v3 cameras. The front element of the lens is not well sealed. The v2 and ODC seem to have a slightly different lens that does not let moisture in. I have several v2 cams that have been outdoors in the elements for years without issue.
For the cameras that had the issue I replaced the lens on each of them with a aftermarket or v2 lens and they are all working just fine. Inspection when disassembled showed no signs of water inside.
I have a OG and a Pan v3 out in the elements (5-7 mon.) that have yet to show any issues FWIW. Will have to wait and see.
The ODC is the best weather resistant design IMO.

Yes if they aren’t in direct weather they do much better. But if they are exposed and get rain hitting the lens directly you will get a failure of the lens. They are only weather resistant when they aren’t directly exposed to the weather. :slight_smile:

Same for me I have had 3 replaced all after about 10-12 months when exposed to the weather. The lens in all of them gets water inside.

I want to know if any of the newer ones have better lenses.

I’ve had a different issue with V2. I had one have a SD card go bad. Wyze provided a replacement which only lasted a few months more.

Are the V3’s better at keeping the SD card operational?

SD cards don’t fail the lens fail in wet conditions.