Wyze cap v3 outdoor cam

I am thinking of purchasing a wyze cam v3 outdoor cam but after viewing the following video I am having some second thoughts.
Is wyze aware of these problems and working on fixing this and has other customers had similar problems?


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The Wyze Cam Outdoor and the V3 are two different products. Most people would prefer the newer V3.


As Newshound stated, the V3 and Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) are 2 different products.

If you want an Outdoor Cam and have the ability to provide wired power to it, I would suggest the V3.
If you have some area that you are unable to easily provide power and wish to stay in the Wyze family of products, at this time I would suggest the WCO. There are some trade-offs going with the battery powered WCO but overall I have been very happy with my WCO after buying a $20 wifi extender.

With that said, with the difference in price, I would consider the V3 first and only consider the WCO as a last resort if wired power can not be provided.