Why is Cam V2 over twice the price of the V3

Why is Cam V2 over twice the price of the V3? Both cameras look alike and both work outdoors,

They may look alike but they do not operate the same. The Wyze Cam Outdoor Version 2 is a battery powered wireless cam, detects motion via PIR and requires a base station. The V3 is wired cam and much better option if you have power available. Why the price difference? Good question since you get more bang for the buck with the V3.


Yeah, because the truth is the V3 wired cameras are much bettter and more reliable. I have the Outdoor Cams and two of them are literally about 15’ away from the Base Station and they barely have 1 bar of signal. I have several V3 cameras across an acre or two of pasture out at a barn+shed and they work like champs. Better signal/transmission rate.

I think the big problem is the Base Station. If the Outdoor cameras would actually connect to wifi directly instead of having to use a separate wifi receiver (which causes interference in itself with your normal wifi)… and removed the stupid 4 camera limit, I would definitely buy more.

But I guess point is for anyone-- if you have a plug nearby, opt for the wired V3 over the Outdoor cams every time.

I would say you get what you pay for since these cams are relatively cheap-- but when you’re looking at the price point for the V2 outdoors, there’s really not that much difference between them and something like an Arlo or Blink. V3 wired I’ll pay for all day long. Outdoor cams- I’m done with them. Too expensive for a barely functional product that is near the price point of a more serious camera.


I have noticed older devices costing more in general. The older may no longer be manufactured and could be low in inventory.

I noticed this when I went back to order a printer I ordered three years ago. The price almost tripled.

Just a thought.

The v2 outdoor cam is much newer than the v3 btw.

The WCO has a higher hardware cost.

It has a large battery, a PIR sensor, and hardware to allow it to go into deep sleep.