Trade-in Experience Survey - 06/30/2023


I’m Aman and I’m the Senior Product Manager - Growth at Wyze. We’re considering a trade-in program for Wyze devices and would love to have your feedback about selling products or trading them in. If you haven’t done either, please still take the survey because we have a few questions for you, too! This survey is expected to take about 3 - 5 minutes depending on which section you take based on your experience. We appreciate your time and look forward to reviewing your input!

The information from this survey will only be used to improve Wyze products and services. It will not be shared outside of the company or used for other reasons.





Also done…


Done! This is awesome that Wyze is looking into this!


I’d trade up my v2 cams for v3, but I’ll never upgrade to (or buy) newer non-camlite eligible cams.

If the cost to send our trade in devices is more than the trade in value, then it becomes a waste of time for me.


What about damaged items? I have a v3 thats lense doesn’t focus and when viewing the live stream it is blurry and has a loose part inside that you can hear rattle.

Would wyze be willing to take in damaged items as well or just ones that are in good condition? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I highly doubt they will accept damaged cameras, and why would they?


So I received the invite to be part of the beta for this trade in program and already I don’t like it. Can’t trade in a V1 Pan only the V2. And the trade in price for V1 Outdoor camera’s is so low, it’s insulting. I don’t think this program is going to work, at least not for me.

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Yeah, I’m not too surprised since their devices are already low profit margins and low initial cost, they don’t have much wiggle room. When you consider that they have to take out the cost to ship it in to Wyze, pay someone to set it up and test it, reset it to factory settings, repackage it, then possibly costs to ship it to a reseller. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for much of a trade-in discount.

If this gets out of beta testing, hopefully they’ll expand the discounts to more options and allow stacking.

It would be nice if they just gave general store credit to use it with anything we wanted, but lots of other companies limit their trade-ins to specific models they are promoting too, so I’m sure the trade-in limit won’t change since this is standard industry practice. Basically, companies pick what they’re currently wanting to promote or use up stock in, and give the discount there, so I suspect Wyze will keep doing it this way too, especially since they might be able to offer a bigger discount with some items over others with smaller leeway. Makes business sense, but from a customer standpoint, we’d prefer the flexibility of general store credit.

I still think the best option is to eBay something. That’s the best way to get the most back.

I think this trade-in program is mostly good for people who are already going to upgrade and swap out their devices, and want the convenience offered here with a little discount as a slight bonus.