Wyze Trade-In Program Survey - 8/15/2023

Hello everyone!
I have a survey from our Senior Product Manager.

I’m Aman and I’m the Senior Product Manager - Growth at Wyze. We’re beginning a small beta for the Trade-In Program for Wyze devices and would love to invite you to participate. Please fill out this super quick survey to express your interest and we will reach out to you with next steps. We appreciate your time and look forward to reviewing your input! Please note that we have limited spots available for this beta, so filling out the survey does not guarantee participation.

The information from this survey will only be used to improve Wyze products and services. It will not be shared outside of the company or used for other reasons.



This is exciting! Wonder how the beta test will work

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Oh man, I only have 1 Pan v2 and one WCO v1…I kind of want to trade in the Pan V2, but then I won’t have one to replicate issues for people if they need help. :thinking:

The WCO v1 I am VERY tempted to trade-in, except that the new BCPro doesn’t do travel mode, scheduled recording, timelapse, etc…so I’ll probably at least keep that one. If the BCPro had those features, I’d totally trade it in though!

Now I really just have to decide whether I really care about keeping the Pan V2 or want to trade it in :thinking: I guess I don’t really use the Pan V2 much anymore since it’s not weather resistant, and it could be good to have another pan, so I might do that.

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I signed up to help with the Beta test. Not sure what to expect but will see.


True, but couldn’t you use a Hot Spot and set the same PWD and SSID?

Yeah, but I liked taking my WCO v1 with me when I went hiking or camping, etc where there was no internet available. I sometimes use my WCO v1 sort of like a gopro (I’d connect it to a flexi-tripod that I’d wrap around a backpack or something). But if there is no internet available, then a hotspot is worthless. Can’t use a BCPro in all the ways you can use a WCO with Travel Mode, Scheduled Recording, and Timelapse out in the mountains, etc.

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That’s true. I never used that feature. :slight_smile:

Wow. Trade in a PanV2 but not a PanV1? I would trade in my PanV1 for a PanV2 or a PanV3. Are they that close to EOL that Wyze doesn’t want any of them back?

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I think it’s more that a Pan v1 doesn’t have much of a resale market and Wyze stopped selling them on their website a long time ago, so they’d likely have to discount them to a reseller like woot which would want to sell them really cheap, which means they’d not be able to offer much for them anyway, and they’d lose everything on just shipping back to Wyze then sorting, testing, and organizing them with man hours and shipping them to the reseller, then shipping to the new customer, and that’s 3 shippings plus testing hours, repackaging etc… By that time, they might come out net-negative. Easier just to not include them. It realistically needs to be something they can reasonably resell as refurbished after all the costs.

Granted, Wyze products usually hold their value pretty well since they are already sold near cost, so we can resell them ourselves for a decent return…but add in Wyze having to do 3 shippings and testing/packaging, etc on something that has very low demand this many years later and it’s not so worth it for them. I don’t blame them for avoiding a potential net-negative action.

I had purchased 3 Floodlight Cameras just prior to the Floodlight Pros being released, undenounced to me. The 180 degree view as well the optional black would be a huge preference. Any plans to add those to the Trade-In Program?

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How so? Please at least elaborate with some details and explanation for coming to that conclusion. It is a survey posted by a verified Wyze Employee. Where is the scam?

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I’m sure they’ll expand the program eventually. They indicated that it is currently a “small beta test” to see how well it works. If it works well, I’m sure they will make it widely public and add some more options. I agree that the Floodlight trade-in would be a great one! I have one I’d like to trade in for a Floodlight Pro too!


Why would you need all the info until those that are accepted into the beta program are decided or is everyone that fills out the form automatically accepted into the Beta and the trade in?

I redid the form it just seemed a little freaky at first but after no other info was requested it appears not to be a scam

I doubt this will happen but I’d love to get rid of all my old cameras and upgrade. But if they only give us like a $1 or 2 for each credit and make us pay for the return shipping, it wouldn’t be worth it. Too bad this isn’t for V2, V3 and V1 Pan cameras.

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I would be ok even with some sort of “buy up” program. The ability to trade in an old or less capable device for one with more features and more money. Get a credit of some amount on the old product to be used on a newer one, maybe the greater value on the new one the greater the credit as an idea. Advance your existing customer base before some else takes them. When customers have to buy new again, they re-evaluate the market.

I must be a dope, can’t find the survey

Try this link.


Thanks work great