Trade-in/Trade-up Program

For those of us that purchased WyzeCams early on, and now have several v1 cams, you should have a trade-in or trade-up program in place so the v1 cams can be replaced with v2 cams, or give credit towards a future purchase.

I think it’s called eBay or Facebook Marketplace…


come on. they are $20. you were an early adopter. that’s the price you pay.

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also craigslist

Attn Wyze Team:

Do y’all have a buy back program or something where I can trade in my v1 cams for v2 cams?



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We sell our products with really thin margins so we don’t have a lot of space for stuff like this. While we enjoy the idea, we likely will not do such a program.


Yeah I get it but won’t be an early adopter again that’s all I’m saying LOL. Why be their test bunnies if they wont help with upgrades.

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Its not like the v1 is completely useless now. Besides that, technology is constantly changing and improving. You can’t expect something technology based you buy to stay relevant for years.

Again I get it, just saying I won’t be buying any test products going forward

The test beta/alpha products are given away for free for real-world data and testing purposes. Products sold for retail are not test products. These are $20 cameras. I’ve seen them go for around $10-15 plus shipping on ebay. If Wyze did have a trade in program you would realistically only get 2-3 bucks as credit per cam plus the cost to ship them. You can always get more of you sell them yourself.

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I’ll say it again, fine they have no trade in program but if this id how they want to work I will just no longer buy their products when they first come out and be a test bunny.

Why buy a Playstation 5 when the Playstation 6 is coming???

BTW. What’s a test bunny?

Someone who buys their products when they first come out so they can get stuck with all the bugs

You have customers who have been here at the beginning. Some of the products they purchased have now been upgraded. (V1 now V3) I think you should put together a program with special pricing for existing customers to upgrade their products. Something along the lines of a customer upgrade rewards program.

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The business reasons and the thin margin makes a lot of sense, I understand it. I will say that Amazon’s Echo device trade in program has made it more attractive for me to upgrade. For the older Wyze cameras we’ll just have to wait longer to sell it on third parties or do something else to replace them before getting the latest and greatest.

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I gave a few V2’s to friends and told them I would sell them more V2’s for $15 each.
I sold all of them once they tried the one I gave them for a while.

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I would like to see a Trade in credit for older cameras, I got the Forst version of the Wyze Cam, I want to upgrade but dont want to throw these older cameras away, or put them in storage. I want to see a trade in option to help eliminate electronic waist, Maybe like $5 for a V1 $10 V2 and $15 for the pan cam. I know you might not think its profitable to buy back old tech, but if you had a trade in option i would already own 6 of your third version cams, so your still making money, Just something to think about.

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Would also be an opportunity for people to purchase the older versions at a discounted price for pre-owned devices!

Definitely another income potential for Wyze while helping out people who may not be able to purchases the latest at the full retail price.