Successfully modded to outdoor, rainproof enclosure, and 150 deg fisheye.

eBay has cheap 4$-5$ standard threaded fisheye boardcam lens replacements that screw right in, requires disassembly and ginger fingers. Huge improvement over 110 deg OEM for outdoor coverage. Anything over 160 deg has too much image border cut-off.

TAP plastics sell semi-clear semi-flexible plastic boxes, for a couple bucks, that fit Wyzecam PERFECTLY, need to drill holes for lens, IRs. Rubber seal around lens keeps rain out of main enclosure. Slide in upside down so articulating mount can extend out of opening, now at bottom, with USB cable. Plastic hinged lid.

Remember, the Wyze cam’s IRs are ideal for indoor rooms, outdoor they dont have much range. But eBay also has IR illuminator boards for supplemental light.

Excluding details or how to, just saying its possible for you DIYers that are so inclined. Thanks to other contributors.


Do you have a materials list and/or a pic of the finished product?

Yes I'd also like to see a material list, links !

Please clarify. Were you able to remove the existing lens and screw in a different lens?

I would like to go in the other direction, to a narrower field of view.

I can hold a 2x telephoto lens on the front and get fairly decent results but lots of vignetting.

Thinking that if it could screw in some it would improve …

MJ can you please link the lens you found and used, or at least a speccific search phrase to find them on eBay>
also, any pics of the dissasemble?
…really interested in how these lens attach.

Hi guys, sorry for not putting much details, I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’m going to have to do this from memory.

So the first hurdle is removing the case, which is snapped together pretty sturdily, If you follow the seam, you have to wedge something in there to carefully, but with some force, pry it open. I happen to have a little iphone/ipad dissembly tool kit with plastic wedges specifically for this. Once you get inside, there are a few small screws to take out, and unlug the speaker and antenna. The lens is a standard 12mm thread board lens that many little web cams use. you’ll see some glue on the treads, but its not super permanent, just use some small vice grips to screw it out counter clockwise. Be carefull not to let dust and glue peices fall in to the hole. Now measure the length of the lens, you need to replace it with the same length so it will focus properly. Search for the lens you want on ebay, making sure it looks pretty much the same.


Thread the new lens in carefully, making sure its straight, dont go too far cause youll bump against the ir filter mechanism. As you focus the lens, the camera has to be on so you can check the image clarity. The plug the antenna and speaker back in and snap back together. When I finished, my lens doesnt stick out as far as the oem, its about 1.5 in from hole but thats ok. Anyway I hope this helps.