DIY Outdoor WyzeCam

I found the perfect materials to make my WyzeCams outdoor/rainproof.

I live in San Francisco, we have have this store called TAP Plastics on Van Ness, they sell these transparent, but even better fitting semi-transparent boxes that fit the WyzeCam PERFECTLY. I used Apple watch gorilla glass 42mm screen protectors to cover a cut out “window” for lens and IR leds. Anything thicker or less transparent messes with the IR light (and lens). Make sure to mount he glass screen protector on the inside, it has to be right up against the Cam to prevent IRs from reflecting/refracting back into lens at night and/or distorting image. Make sure to seal the glass “window” edges with outdoor glue or sealant, being careful not to smudge the glass.

The box is then mounted outside upside down to keep water from going in around lid. Some small holes in the bottom (the lid side) help dissipate heat, and let usb cord in. Optionally, some reflective material can line the inside to reflect sun heat, maybe even a little flat roof can be glued on top. Also, you could use a bit of glass coating product to keep water from accumulating in front of lens, i.e. windshield Rain-X or whatever.

This weatherproofing method works better(and is much cheaper) than the goofy birdhouse thing on Amazon. Rain does not always fall at 90 deg.

Anyway, hope this helps somebody. I will try to add photos later.

Flex Hinge Plastic Box #FT-42


You mentioned holes in it, which has me wondering how long the cam holds up in the conditions. All the moisture in the air, not to mention salt can be found in fog because the ocean…

You’re right, those are issues. Its easily possible to water/air-proof the container with a little outdoor caulk, but Im afraid it would heat up too much, particularly in direct sun. The cam needs a bit of air transfer. Maybe a patch of Gore-Tex over the holes, but then the salt air is still a problem.

A quick aside, my first attempt at rain proofing, with a cheap Chinese wifi cam, was Saran wrap–which leaked. I learned over several attempts that the lens(particularly) and IRs dont work well unless left uncovered or behind thin very clear glass. IRs didnt get much distance behind Saran wrap, zip locks, clear packing tape, etc.–tried all.

How has this worked out for you? I’ve been brainstorming on mayonnaise jars, something like this:, etc. Trying to come up with something I can either hide or mount high up in a tree.

Check this out, baseball display case, #203415

I have used TAP Plastics before for specialized plastics. Good business to deal with. Not local for me though.