DIY Weatherproof Enclosure and battery operated

Picture #1 - Front of enclosure

Picture #2 - Back of enclosure

Picture #3 - Sample picture

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Cool. If you have somewhere to mount the box that can be backwired, you could combine it with something like this:

and have a permanent waterproof installation. I would only be concerned about excessive heat buildup in the summer.

Yes, the enclosure can be mounted to any standard single gang electrical box.

In my humble opinion, the enclosure is not sealed enough to create an over heating problem. In other words, it’s loose enough to ‘breath.’

Thank you for sharing! What kind of battery is that & how long is the battery life, please?

The battery is a standard USB backup battery.

Here is a link to it:

I am testing to see how long the battery life is and will post my results.

Did you figure out how long the charge lasts using the battery pack?


Looks like night vision infrared sensors don’t have an issue with the plastic encapsulation – I was about to try this (glass doesn’t work, just try to point your Wyzecam at a window).

I was thinking about putting a Wyzecam in one of these round domes, for instance something like:

Has anybody tried this? Any issues with overheating?



Single pane windows will work. But, I have double-pane windows.

I have single pane and it won’t work. Dang!

I used a rubber ring, which is placed in between the camera and the enclosure, to prevent any reflections from the IR LEDs.

So did you figure out how long does the USB battery last with the Wyzecam?

It’s a 2200 mah battery and it last for ~4 hours.

Wow, that is short :frowning:
Have to figure a way with RickO’s idea some how.

Thanks for the quick response.

I had all of the bells and whistles turned (auto night vision, continuous recording…). You probable will get better time by adjusting the settings.

Good Luck!

We are working along the same lines. I’m currently rnning a camera off a RAV 22000mAH power bank (lasts for about 30 hours continuous). Next step is to check the power bank’s recharge rate (5V 2.4A) and then hook it up to a 10Watt solar panel. I’m in agreement with the plastic enclosure (GoPro). Also, I’m using an Ubiquiti wifi router to communicate with the camera - so far 200 feet is okay.

Where did you get the rubber ring?

I can’t seem to narrow it down or come up with any good result when I try to search for some.

I got mine at Home Depot in the plumbing section. It’s a replacement ‘o’ ring for a faucet.

Good Luck!

Awesome. Thank you.

It’s been driving me nuts.

I was searching for the last 3 days and the alternatives where rings for $10-$20 per ring and I was like “No freaking way I’m paying as much as I did for the darn camera”