Solar panel

Hi, does wyze have a solar panel power supply for wyze cams?
If so where can I buy one from?

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There is not one listed with accessories, so I would assume not. If you search through one of the other forums, there are some posts about how some folks have made their own battery powered cams.

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Here’s one of the posts:

And here’s another:

Hopefully these help with a possible DIY solution!


You can buy little solar panels that would charge a Camera off of Amazon to. just do a simple search and tons of them pop-up. find the one that you like and give it a whirl

No, Wyze currently doesn’t offer such an accessory.

You can purchase solar panels intended for the Blink external cameras that have their own internal battery and would technically work, I qualified that with “technically”, as the amount of battery power they provide probably wouldn’t power a Wyze camera through the night. (The Blink cameras only activate when triggered by their PIR sensor).

Unless you live in an area where cloudy days are rare, you would probably want a battery that could power the Wyze Cam for at least 2 days, and a solar panel large enough to charge that battery fully with a single winter’s day of sunshine.

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A solar panel would be a great solution for my wyze cam outdoor, but I understand the current problem with keeping it on a permanent charge.

So… Wyze makes the Wyze Plug…

So why not incorporate that remote control of powering on and off the Wyze plug with a version of a Solar charger that we can monitor in the app? Then we can schedule when we want to charge the Wyze cam outdoor so you don’t have your customers being extremely inconvenienced by climbing ladders or who knows what, trying to reach their one or many cameras every couple of weeks when they need to be charged.

Just a thought…