Solar panel for wyze cam 3

Is there a solar panel I can buy for the outdoor wyze cam v3?
I have a blink camera atm with a solar panel which works great for more then a year now and was wondering if I can get a solar panel for wyze cam? Or is there any reason why I can’t connect any usb solar panel to the cam?


See this thread


Any power source providing the requisite voltage/amps and having the mini-USB male plug the cams require will work.

The question is will a solar panel keep up with continuous recording?

Good question. I guess the answer is probably” it depends”. I just picked up a cheap one that provides 1A/5w and ran my V2 most of the sunny afternoon with continuous recording. . Once it gets cloudy, this one has s circuit that monitors device demand and shuts off when output is too low-so no.
But if you have a battery brick that will pass-thru power then the panel could keep it charged and it could power the cam, in theory continuously.
So - It depends!!

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Key words, It depends!, has yet to be tested thoroughly

Ya got a link to this one?

As I said, just got this today and purely on impulse, so no representations! I’ll use it more hopefully over the next few days.


This is what I been playing with supposed to be 2600 maH built in battery

It would be interesting to hear how did it go with that panel.
This is my current panel for blink camera:
It works really well with blink for over a year now. I wonder if it will work with wyze v3?
Do you know which USB the wyze v3 camera uses? Is it a USB C? Or other type?

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I have 2 of the panels I linked to , one is already mounted running a blink XT2 , BTW it will also run new blink outdoor cams.
It will run a V3 Cam but how long we don’t know, there are variables
V3 connection is a micro USB

Could you please state the increased module efficiency in using by pass module?

You need to be more specific with your question @rickrizerz

Looking for something like in this review Backyard Revolution Review - Is It Scam or Legit? Don't Buy Until You Read This | Solwiser

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Don’t you mean “micro plug”

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Hello…love your products and can’t wait to purchase some for the house. I have currently installed several of your competitors products on homes throughout the SoCal area. I am a contractor and have been installing home camera security for a number of home owners. Their biggest complaint is that they are nervous on getting on a ladder to change out the battery. So they call me to do that task. I have recommended the “solar panel” to help eliminate that worry and to minimize the battery change out. Do you have in the works a solar panel similar to the one your competitor “Ring” has that plugs into the back side with a micro water proof connector? I look forward to your comments. thanks.

Ring Solar Panel

I believe HDRock’s answer is the better option. As shown in this link, the power consumption of the V3 ( Solar Panel For Wyze Cam V3 (Best Choices) - 2022) with night vision enabled needs 2-4 watts of power per hour. There’s 3 options that provide the wattage and storage for this camera’s needs provided there’s enough sunny hours to recharge the panel.

None of the two of the three options that have internal batteries have much capacity. They wouldn’t be likely to power a camera through the entirety of a short summer night, much less over multiple overcast days.

I’ve found panels with 6 x 18650 internal batteries (18,000mAh total, or 66.6 watt hours), which would last for at least a long winter night, but even that would require reliable sun each day. Here is one example:

The listing has several options, but the one I’m referring to has the 6 internal batteries + micro USB connector with 5V output.

This one has an 8 watt panel, which means it can still fully power the camera while charging the batteries. There are 4 watt panel options that really couldn’t adequately recharge drained batteries while powering the camera. I still don’t consider it an adequate option, unless one is fine with the camera being dead after a while if the sun doesn’t come out each day.

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Thanks Lonnie, I purchased the one for the link and it worked for a partial day, than nothing. Mind you, this is in Southern California so it’s going back ( the one by Wasserstein for the blink cam. The search continues.

The Wasserstein for the Blink would definitely be inadequate, as it has only a single battery. As I noted, even the 6-cell panel I linked to would be inadequate for normal use, although as long as one had long sunny days, it might make it through the night to the next day. It would definitely outperform the Wasserstein panel for the Blink,

The Blink cameras are more akin to the Wyze Outdoor than the Wyze v2 or V3, and thus have much lower power requirements for normal use.

I had a Wyze V3 running off a solar panel with a Renolgy 10 amp controller. The USB port is 5V 2A. I’ve got a raspberry PI 3b+ and another device running off the controller.

The first V3 died (understandably) after it was -15 F. The replacement lasted a month and died. The temperature was in the mid-30s. Tried plugging it into an outlet with new cable. No lights, nothing. Although the USB port is supplying 2A, from what I’ve read, this shouldn’t be a problem. The device “should” draw the amps it needs and it “shouldn’t” fry the device. Should the Wyze V3 work in this situation?