DIY Weatherproof Enclosure and battery operated

I’m ordering a couple of these clear plastic domes to try. Looks like a simple and relatively secure solution!

Couldn’t you use a power extender cable like this: to plug the camera into an exterior outlet?

Do you have the exact specs on the housing that you used?

Please note, they have a clear cover and a frosted cover. Make sure you get the clear cover.

Won’t they fog up when it gets below ambient temperature?

Did anyone end up trying one of the dome solutions? I’m very interested to know if any worked out.

I have not tried the dome suggestion

Where can I get a outdoor cover for the PTZ camera?? Any options are appreciated.

So, I’ve sealed up the unit with tape and painted it to seal the seams. Going on two weeks now in 98+ degree weather (it’s in the shade) and a few rain storms. Still going strong.

Might it be a good idea to seal a silica gel packet in there?

This is genius and a nearly perfect inexpensive solution. I will be trying it soon and will report if any issues. Thank you for posting.

Has anyone tried spaying the Electrical Box or the Camera Housing (after carefully covering all the important areas with Painters Tape) clear Flex Seal or Rust-Oleum Leak Seal even Flex Tape might be an option.

That’s precisely what I did.


I was thinking about using a Coleman R214D046C Lantern Globe with “end caps” the clear glass is pyrex (not plastic) so it might last longer without fading in the sun.

I wonder what the reflectivity of the Pyrex glass is because you don’t want to have too much IR glare.

As info, battery power banks are rated in mAH (mili amp hours), the camera in operation about 5v and 1.5A. I use a RAVPower RP-P8052 (230000) unit that gives me 2-3 days without recharging (but i add solar to charge).

It lasted about 5 hours