Wide angle lens kit on amazon and hidden v2 cam

I’m sure there is if you look long enough. But most prime is delayed shipping anyways. At least most of the stuff I’ve ordered has been.

No issue is there is additional shipping on that $11.95

No, but doesn’t arrive until June something. Here’s one for $12.99 with Prime… Note that this one says “IR” which means it has an IR filter, so your night vision LEDs won’t be visible.

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Just installed mine. Install was easy. Focusing did require a lot of turning the lens but went without a hitch.
Definitely avoid at-all-cost hitting the reset pin while powered up!
I think the lens is sharper. Definitely wider but not much’’ fisheye’ effect.


Yea I’m definitely now saying that’s a 2.5mm and not a 2.1.

This is a 2.1mm

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Definitely Sharper… Mimics my results

Agreed! Thanks for the tip about unscrewing the lens to focus. Saved me some panic when I started to focus and just kept turning!

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Summary: Ordered one of these about a week or so ago, and received it yesterday. Install was very simple, however as many have stated, the instruction YouTube video is a little fast to follow along although it does provide great instruction.

Review: I highly recommend this due to a couple reasons - 1) Easy of Install; 2) Value ($15); and 3) Overall Improvement of Sharpness, Range of Depth, and General Quality of Image. All in all, this was very much worth the cost, and while it didn’t increase the view dramatically (see attached before and after shots for comparison), it did provide a sharper, more quality image than the stock lens. I absolutely anticipate purchasing 2 more of these for my other Wyze Cams (V2) in the future.

A couple things to remember while doing the install:

  1. Do NOT press the reset/setup button on the circuit board while there is power connected to the unit - this will require you to setup the camera all over again, and if you have the lens already installed, you won’t be able to read the setup code without uninstalling it, and reinstalling the old lens.
  2. Use gloves when handling the circuit board and lens - just a general rule of thumb so you don’t get prints on the lens or potentially charge/short circuit the board.
  3. Patience is extremely important - do not attempt to disassemble the camera prior to receiving the new lens since the seller provides tweezers and a screwdriver that provide more utility that any of the tools that the layman might have. Be aware though - the screwdriver provided has a blunted nose, and most of the internal screws will require a pointed, smaller phillips head. Also - avoid using screwdrivers that are magnetic as this might cause issues with the board.
  4. Lastly, remember to adjust the focus of the lens before you close up the camera. The tolerances for adjustment are SMALL so, again, be patient.

I have also attached a “before” and “after” shot (below) for your viewing pleasure. :slight_smile:



Nice, but forget the gloves and just wash your hands more often. My degree is in EE and I haven’t had to even wear a grounding strap since the 90’s thanks to better circuit isolation, but even so, gloves do not a grounding strap make. And you’re gonna Windex that lens as a final touch no matter what.

Once suggestion is to pop out the round black front plate so that you can adjust focus as needed after the cam is in place. It can easily be snapped back in after the case/cam is reassembled.

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Makes sense. I haven’t messed with boards since…we’ll probably the 90s, ha!

Good tip on the front plate too. Didn’t even think to mess with that.

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Definitely a wonderful improvement on the color, I wouldn’t say you get a great deal more coverage but there is a noticeable difference

So a question about the reset button. If I take my lens modified camera ( which I have the new lens in and its working fine) and try to pair it to a different wifi network, will I have to reinstall the old lens to set it up on a new wifi network?

Assuming you focused it well, it’ll still read the QR code if that’s what you mean.

Ok great. Yes it’s focused well
So now I can just approach it’s use just like factory. Albeit different lens

Yes, as long as you have it focused properly, you install it just as you would an unmodified camera.

Excellent and Thx