So you want a wider angle lens

The first shot is ofcourse the stock lens, which I’m guessing is 3.6mm?
The second is with the craziest lens I’ve ever used, if I remember correctly, it’s a 1.8mm. Had it on a analog bullet cam and it had the same problem as this, only less so. I think I saw that 2.8mm is about the most you can get away with, and still stay in the case (as this one is.


Sorry, but I think the 2nd picture became more difficult to look at, more fish-eyed and its like looking through a door pin hole.


Yes you’re right, that’s kind of what I was saying.


Be careful that you don’t accidentally touch the reset button when you’re taking it apart. With that much distortion on the lens, I’m not sure if you’d ever manage to scan the QR code again. And if you put the original lens back on to do it, it would be tough to know if it’s in focus so that you can scan it.


lol, didn’t even think about that. With my luck, I don’t see how that didn’t happen…


Whomp whomp. Sure, it’s bulbous, but your are seeing more of the view now. I think there are many uses here. Thanks for sharing!

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It’s seeing even more than in that pic. The first black ring there is the wyzr case lens hole. The second ring there is the lens itself. The size of the ccd affects the field of view for a given lens. Larger CCD = wider field of view. I had this lens on a 1/3" ccd 4:3 analog cam, and the wyze has a 1/2.9" ccd.

I believe the standard lens is 2.8 mm.

have you by any chance measured the FOV with your replacement lens? I’m guessing if you had extra lenses lying around you probably have a protractor somewhere too. :slight_smile:

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Not with that lens no. But I loosely calculated 142 degrees horizontal with a 2.1mm lens, which is about the same visible in the one above, minus the lens edge on the V2 cams. With a pan cam though, you do get some lens edge with these 2.1mm lenses.
pan cam

Thanks. That’s a great FOV for some of the use cases I’m pursuing. Any chance you could point me to those 2.1 mm lenses? I installed a 2.1 mm lens last night and got virtually no change in the FOV. I’m thinking it has to do with how far the lens has to screw into the housing, which changes the focal length. Or, the focal length calculated on the lens I installed is based on a different sensor size than the WYZE Cams‘s. I’d sure appreciate your thoughts.

Obviously this is solution would be to install the same lens you used! BTW, was it a whole lens with Helsing or was it just a lens that screwed in to replace the factory lens?


Perhaps, but from my experience, the 2.1mm you have is not actually a 2.1mm. The two things you have to be concerned with are FOV of the lens, and whether or not it has an IR filter. The reason being is that most of the pre HD cams use 1/3" or 1/4" CCD’s, whereas the HD cams are 1/2"+, which mathematically makes for a wider view from a given size lens. In short, this means that it’s more likely to see the edges of the lens. I don’t know any actual number or measurement you need to look for, I just go for the large bubble outward lens, as opposed to the small flater type that has always worked on my analog cams.

And of course you need one without an IR filter because these cams have a mechanical one so they can see much better at night with their IR lights.

And btw, the above pic is from a pan cam. The V2 is different with the same lens. Not the field of view, but the lens edge doesn’t show and the lens itself screws in almost all the way and is very tight. Whereas with the pan cam it’s barley in and loose fitting, and as you can see, shows a bit of the lens edge.

Cam wide lens

btw, there’s a thread here with just about every mod of done to mine. You might find it useful, and can hopefully improve on my tinkerings.

Thanks again. You might have me close to an aha moment! Are you screwing the new lenses in from outside the case? It looks like it and that seems to be necessary because of the larger outer “bubble“ on the end of the wide-angle lenses. But the lenses I’ve tried so far I’m not sure would screw in far enough to focus if installed from the outside of the case. The last ones I tried seemed to screw to a focus point where it was just a little too tight to snap on the black ring with the (now too-small) lens opening but not far enough forward to fit outside the case.
If the replacement lens has an IR filter that will simply prevent the night lighting to function, won’t interfere with viewing an area illuminated at night with incandescent WYZE bulbs, for example?

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No I take them apart, as it would be pretty much impossible to remove the old lens without doing so. And is much much easier.

The new lens, if I remember correctly is 17mm across, and the stock V2 lens about 16, so there is some sanding involve to make it fit. But I’ve learned to pop off the lens hole plate and leave it off after reassembly so that I can easily adjust on the lens until I know it perfectly focused. Which so far none of them have their lens hole plates installed… Interestingly enough, the pan can lens opening is already 17mm, but the new lens still protruded a couple 3 mm’s.

Yes, an IR filter blocks the IR night lights. You need one during the day to block UV light so all the colors look right.

I was impressed with the wider field of view obtained by @mobstag in his “Lens Upgrade” post of Mar 19.

This post shows in great detail the replacement of a V2 camera with a 2.1mm lens. The pictures below show my nephew going through steps needed to change out the factory lens. The lens I purchased was from:


It was a 2.1mm lens, that ‘looks’ the same as the factory one in the V2 camera (see picture 2 - The QR code is scanable).

The replacement lens appeared to be a little recessed from the face of the camera’s front face by maybe 1mm or less.

The before and after photos above look much courser than they appear in the WYZE app. I am pleased with the results.
Victor Maletic.


That is an excellent write up, and if it works and you’re happy with it, that’s all that counts. But I’ve got enough experience over the years, and assuming my lens is an actual 2.1mm, my guess is that this one is most likely a 2.5 or a 2.8mm.

I should have rotated the lens so the engraved 2.1mm and other engraving was visible before taking its picture. I think editing is needed to mention disconnecting and connecting the antenna.

My guestomit on the 2.5mm is based on the before and after pics. Not to mention the description on the amazon page makes no sense.

or on a Pan Cam