Fisheye distortion with Wyze Cam v3

I just installed a Wyze Cam v3 outside of my home and the video quality is really good. However, I notice that there’s some fisheye distortion in the image. Is there any way to correct/compensate for this? I have a Wyze Cam v2 that I installed a couple of years ago and it doesn’t appears to have this distortion.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

The V3 has a wider field of view than the V2. You can expect some fisheye distortion because of this. You can correct this with additional lens components, but it would have raised the V3 price.

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Ahh, okay.

I think I would’ve paid a little more for a flat field of view. :slightly_smiling_face:

As @Ipil60R34s said the V3 does have a wider field of view so this may be causing the affect. If you’d like, you could post an image from the camera so we can tell you if anything looks out of the ordinary.

Thanks for the offer, but it’s not necessary. I was just wondering, seeing that the image from the v2 and v3 were different.

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Interesting. I don’t have a V3 yet and the V2’s field of view is almost already too wide for my purposes.

I too would like to see some way to correct the fisheye distortion on the WyzeCam V3. I’m trying to use it to record Pickleball footage and you can clearly see the distortion on the (curved) lines in the attached image. I also noticed that the Ingenic T31 SOC does support distortion correction (so it should be possible to add it to the firmware) without any additional hardware?


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