Fisheye distortion correction

A setting to correct the inherent distortion of the camera lens would be great, even if it comes at the cost of losing just a little of the current field-of-view.
Some cameras call this “Correct Barrel Distortion”. Technically I think it’s a “fisheye” correction. Either way, straightening out the bowed-out look of recordings and photos would make them look a lot better for viewing, saving, and sharing.

Xiaomi Xiafong S1 (Wyze Cam’s copy) has this feature and it is realy useful! I would like to have one on my Wyze Cam.

I too would like to see some way to correct the fisheye distortion on the WyzeCam V3. I’m trying to use it to record Pickleball footage and you can clearly see the distortion on the (curved) lines in the attached image. I also noticed that the Ingenic T31 SOC does support distortion correction (so it should be possible to add it to the firmware) without any additional hardware?