Landscape Distorted

In one of the last couple update I noticed landscape mode is now distorted on my Samsung Tab2., anyone else see this?

Not at all, but I am iOS so maybe that’s why. Can you post a screenshot?

If using a lower resolution, like 360p, it’ll be pixelated - is that the “distortion”?

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Are you referring to curved posts?

I see many vertical lines toward the edge of the screen bowed outward in fisheye lens fashion on both iOS & Android in portrait or landscape mode. Just figured it was a thing, but will look back at old screenshots. Am using V2 cams, not PTZ.

Portrait screen

Landscape screen

the slight curvature is normal, its that it now fills the entire tablet screen rather the using the aspect ratio of the original. This is during VIEW, PLAYBACK, everything. Whenever I go into landscape (which I usually do) it does this on all V1, V2 and PAN versions of the CAM


Here’s our hayloft cam - notice the extreme curvature, especially at the top


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Is hardware decode enabled?

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to quote Emeril…BAM!!! you nailed it, thank you for that. I have no idea when or how it got enabled. Maybe I was sleep viewing. lol…that’s why we post these.

Thank you, Gary


Almost any time you are running a very wide angle lens, It’s called fish eye for a reason.

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