Replacing Ring doorbell with Wyze - what's this?

I haven’t ordered my doorbell yet but looking at what comes in the Wyze package, I don’t see anything like this. Will Wyze work with this old doorbell. I don’t know if the electrician added this (transformer?) because it is an old doorbell or if it came with the Ring doorbell. I want to replace the wired Ring doorbell Pro with the wired Wyze doorbell. Also, I know I saw (wishlist) that there was now a desktop app but that it was not available for Firefox at the time. I don’t know how to check the status so if you could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Access via Firefox is important to me. It was not listed in tags, nor any other browser! Thanks.

Is the photo of the bell you included what actually rings inside your home if someone presses the button on your current Ring doorbell? That looks much older than what I’d expect to see installed with a Ring doorbell, but if your current video doorbell is wired up to use that as the mechanical chime, then it might be possible for a Wyze Video Doorbell v2 to do the same thing. I don’t know if the wired Ring products include a device similar to the Chime Controller that ships with the Wyze Video Doorbell v2, so that’s one big question mark for me.

If you think you need to make a change from Ring to Wyze, then first generation Wyze Video Doorbell or Video Doorbell Pro might be a better fit, because they include their own remote chimes. (Personally, I’m glad I waited for the Video Doorbell v2, because I specifically wanted something that would activate the existing mechanical chime in my mom’s house.)

I think maybe you’re talking about Wyze Web View. The support article (see below) says that “Wyze Web View works with Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge” and that “Wyze Web View is not supported on Firefox browsers”; however, I saw in one of your posts in another topic that you sometimes use Chrome, and there’s at least one error with that support article, so I just opened a ticket with Wyze Support about that. Note that a subscription is required in order to use Wyze Web View.

I realize that it’s not any of my business why you want to replace your Ring doorbell with a Wyze model, but if you could provide some insight about what you’re trying to do and what features you’re seeking, then that might help other forum participants to provide you with advice.

  1. Yes. My house is over 100 years old and that is the doorbell.
  2. Why I want to replace Ring. The doorbell works okay and there is a desktop dashboard I can use, HOWEVER, I have to sign in every 30 days and the curse has been that seems to occur the very moment someone rings my doorbell and I want to respond. Making it worse, despite clearing cache, cookies, etc, the only way I can login again is by restarting my browser. Ring is not interested in changing this 30 day requirement.
  3. I dislike the Chrome browser, though I do have it available. Having to use it for the doorbell or cameras is why I haven’t bought either from Wyze yet.
  4. I believe someone posted about a workaround that allowed them to view cam footage on a desktop and perhaps that is what I will have to do. I just don’t ever want to have to scramble to find my phone when the doorbell rings because I have to sign in, yet again!
  5. And why the PC? I’m elderly with some vision challenges (getting out of chair and to the door is a slow process!) and don’t rely on my smartphone for much beyond google maps and occasional texts.
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I think I failed to thank you for replying, so thank you!

More about my Ring doorbell: The Ring doorbell has Chime Pro. It would ring on my iPhone until I turned that feature off, otherwise, I don’t know what it does other than provide wireless communication with the doorbell. It is plugged into an outlet and I suppose the thing the electrician attached to the doorbell is part of the system, too.

As for the Wyze, Is this the V2? Wyze Video Doorbell | 1080p Wired Smart Doorbell Camera for Security – Wyze Labs, Inc. I was planning to get it with the chime.

I read in another topic that you have knob and tube wiring. I’d never encountered that term before (nor even seen it in a home) and had to look it up. That’s really something, and I’m glad you have an electrician to deal with that.

The doorbell in the photograph looks to me like the kind of thing that would ring rapidly and repeatedly from the hammer hitting the dome as long as someone is holding in a simple older-style doorbell button. It doesn’t look like the kind of “ding-dong” mechanical doorbell chime that’s common to houses from the past several decades, the kind that’s typically wired to a lower voltage transformer with a switch on its own circuit.

Since you have mentioned an electrician doing some work for you, I guess it’s possible that’s your actual ringer. If an electrician was able to make that bell ring with your Ring doorbell, then I suppose it might be possible to do something similar with the Wyze Video Doorbell v2, but that sort of this is outside my current scope of knowledge.

You also mentioned that you have Ring’s Chime Pro, however. I haven’t used any Ring products (the only video doorbell products I’ve had experience installing are from Arlo and Wyze), but it looks like maybe this is what you have:

If that’s the case, then that looks similar to the Wyze Chime but with more features. That also makes me suspect that it’s actually the Chime Pro and not the bell in the photograph that actually makes a sound inside your home when someone presses your current Ring doorbell. Is that what happens?

I get that. I tend to use different browsers for different things, and remembering differences in keyboard shortcuts between, say, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is a minor chore. I’m glad you have that choice.

(Could be worse, too. If Wyze was doing this sort of thing 15 or 20 years ago, you might be stuck using Microsoft Internet Explorer because somebody decided it was a good idea to code Wyze’s Web experience as an ActiveX control. Fortunately, we don’t live in that world.)

Regarding Wyze’s dictum that “Wyze Web View is not supported on Firefox browsers”, I wonder if that’s a situation where it might actually work without Wyze’s official support. I’ve used a security camera system from a different company that provides Web-based access, and when I visit the login screen for that product while using Firefox, the site advises me to use Chrome or Safari, but it still allows me to log in and use the system with Firefox. Wyze Web View might work that way, as well, but I’d want to get the input from someone with actual experience doing that.

Regardless, my understanding is that Wyze Web View requires a Cam Plus or similar subscription.

@carverofchoice recently posted about this in some detail:

Perhaps some of that would be helpful to you.

Apparently you’ve also used it to create a working rule for your Wyze Plug, so good on ya for that!

That’s not necessary, but I appreciate it. You’re welcome. Hopefully at least some of this is helpful.

You linked to the original Wyze Video Doorbell (Wired). The Wyze Video Doorbell v2 is also wired but does not include a separate chime as it’s designed to work with an existing electronic or mechanical (ding-dong-type) chime that’s already installed in many homes. To see what I’m talking about, it might be helpful to watch the short installation video for the Video Doorbell:

This is part of what makes me think that the bell in the photo you included above is probably not actually ringing when someone presses the button on your current Ring doorbell, though I do see that the Ring Wired Doorbell Pro includes something they call the Pro Power Kit, which I imagine is similar to what I’ve had to install inside the existing chime box with an Arlo wired doorbell and the Wyze Video Doorbell v2.

If you’re using a Ring doorbell with Chime Pro and listening for Chime Pro as your doorbell cue, then maybe the original Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime (which you linked to above) would be the most like-for-like solution for you. Since you’ve had an electrician doing previous work on your Ring doorbell, that seems like you already have an existing resource who might be able to help you with your options.

I apologize for the length of this post. I’m just trying to give complete and detailed answers to your questions as I understand them. Hopefully some of this is helpful and someone with more experience specific to your situation and needs will chime (pun intended) in with additional input.


Your answer is both thorough and thoughtful.

Bluestacks … yes, that is what I remember reading.

Actually, the old doorbell "hammers away’ when someone presses the doorbell. That is probably why that transformer (my guess) is on it. It would probably simplify things if I replaced it. I have no idea about it’s voltage so it looks as if I’ll have to have an electrician back.

I tried searching for the v2 doorbell and had no luck. Moreover, I did not see anything in the description of the one I linked above about it’s version. Thanks for the link to the v2.

It is the Wyze community of people like you that makes me want to say goodbye to Ring! I’m a bit intimidated about trying to set up Bluestacks but determined to try. My computer is old and cannot be upgraded to Win11, so that is my only option. Oh, and yes, I intend to subscribe to Cam Plus.

Thanks again! When ready, all I’ll have to do is come back to this thread where you have provided links to everything.

I don’t have any familiarity with that kind of thing at all, but if your electrician was able to make that work with your Ring doorbell, then that seems pretty unique and cool to me.

I think Wyze tends to give products a “v” designation whenever they release a newer generation of an existing product, like how the Cam Pan v2 :cam_pan_v2: and Cam Pan v3 :cam_pan_v3: are iterations of earlier products. At this point, it’s probably fair to call the Wyze Video Doorbell (Wired) :doorbell: the “v1”.

That’s kind of you to say. I’m sure other regular users here would be pleased with that, as well.

I imagine that will make @WyzeMatt happy. :wink: I think that’s probably going to be your clear path to doing what you want to do through the Web interface on a PC.

You’re welcome! I’m glad you’ve found this helpful.

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