Unable to create a rule to control plug

As I noted in my plea for help, I’m a newbie to “smart devices” and really bought the plug as a first step since getting cameras for my home (that has knob & tube wiring) will require electrical work (and I do want to get wired cams). Reviews of WYZE devices that I’ve read and also viewed on YouTube were positive. A hurdle for me is that I can only view the cams on my phone and not my desktop, so I’m still looking around. I do have a Ring Doorbell but if I try to respond to someone at the door from my desktop, their system goes nuts demanding I log in and even requiring submission of a verification code. The potential for smart devices to make it easier for me (you are responsible for my first success) is there, but many assume a user without problems. Oh, I did try the Alexa Show, hoping it would enable me to answer the door without signing in. Despite settings that were supposed to stop the ads and suggestions, they kept popping up. Out of the blue one day, in a house that was totally quiet, it began speaking and trying to engage me in a game! I returned it. I have an android tablet I’ve set up instead to help. Not ideal, but it doesn’t flash ads or talk!

I did meet the bot and tried to request app help. It is programmed to help with cams and perhaps a couple of other things and kept trying to direct me to info about them! Worthless as well as annoying. Thanks for the tip about how to search for help. I’ll keep checking back, hoping to learn that desktop access is available and, my other wish, that WYZE make smart wall outlets with usb charge slots. At this point, I’m looking at Topgreener’s product which means having to use another app. I would love to get nothing but WYZE devices. Frustrating.

Thanks again!