Video Doorbell ongoign problems - will not stay connected

@JRG, thanks for testing that.

Previous reports on the last PR FW we’re that setting the IRNV to On improved the load time lag.

I just had a suspicion that your load time lags might have also coincided with the IRNV auto switches.

The results you are presenting seem to indicate that there may indeed be a correlation between the IRNV mode switch and the load lags.

I suggest posting detailed descriptions of your tests and results, along with logs, over on the Beta thread for this FW.

I reported my findings on Beta thread.

I have also found that if I put a box over the camera to block out light it will connect with NV set to AUTO.

I have also found that if I set the camera NV to ON it will connect reliably. However, the video stream is black and white.

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I am not sure if this workaround below will improve the video doorbell ability to stay connected, but it does make it get unstuck and connected. Mine has not lost connection even once yet using this workaround to get connected:
In the meantime while we wait for a fix, here is the workaround that I found and let Wyze know about:
When your LIVE feed gets to “Step3: Getting video data” and gets stuck, press the gear to go to ‘settings’, select ‘Advanced Settings’, select Night Vision ‘On’ and then ‘Off’, then press the ‘<’ key to go back to LIVE feed and it will connect.
It took me a long time to find this workaround. I expect that it will work for everyone having this issue since it seems to unstick it by going thru night vision mode. Sorry, but if you use Night Vision, you will have to turn it back on. But, at least it is a reliable way to temporarily conquer this bug.
Your welcome. I hope it works for you too.

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Thank for the note, I will give it a try

This seems to work and reset the doorbell so it is viewable from the app. The doorbell looses connectivity at least 1x per week. This is my second one as the first one went unresponsive and Wyze support had to replace it.

Thanks - your workaround did the trick for me.

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Yes. You can go into settings when it’s stuck and turn on or off your night vision and it will load. Mine also has an error code 09 and won’t show video clips. Wyze has known about this for months and has not cared enough to fix it. In fact, even though they know the issue they will repeatedly blame your internet and router for the problem.Wyze customer service runs you through the wringer. My solution is; I cancelled wyze cam plus plan and ordered all new cameras from a different company. This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a purchase. Wyze has really gone down hill.

You have to switch nv each and every time to get it to load. That sounds reasonable, said nobody, ever. Or, just a thought, wyze could fix the damn problem they’ve known about for months. You know, like a real company does. Instead they run their customers through a wringer. Resetting, uninstalling, reinstalling, deleting, adding back, power cycling, sending logs, chatting, emailing, waiting for an hour on hold. Then they blame your internet, your router. It’s your fault for buying anything from us. I’m so done with wyze.

Yup my wyze cams all started this crap too. My solution, cancelled cam plus and ordered new cameras from a different company. Does wyze really think it’s reasonable to take months to fix their problem. I guess it’s not like these are security cameras or anything.

I just leave night vision on all the time. No issues connecting but black and white video feed until someone sets the camera off then it’s in color. Wyze needs to fix this well known bug.

I have to switch it on or off, change it everytime I open the app. Mine also started an error 09 code and won’t play videos. It’s been useless. I’ve had it with wyze. I’m replacing all of their cameras.

Yeah, this is ridiculous. After this first started when they did that terrible firmware update, since then i received a new camera but i never updated the firmware. Its still a little glitchy but definitely not as bad as some. I just wont update the firmware, EVER, until i start seeing threads that the issue is completely fixed. Ill deal with the glitchyness for now. This has been going on waaaaay too long.

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the latest firmware has fixed this issue on two separate doorbells.


Great to hear another successful install! This beta is looking promising!

What is the firmware version that is working? Ive been skipping any firmware updates but if the lateat one is solid, ill update it. Can you share with me what the firmware version you updates to is?


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This is actually a Beta Test Firmware


The newest doorbell firmware is out of Beta and looks VERY promising at fixing this issue!

Here are the feedback posts that came in from the Beta Test:

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So are we confirmed that the latest firmware is solid? Im still a few versions back (.0.294) because it sort of works compared to what everyone else was going thru. If i get a thumbs up, ill update.

Best to form your own opinion based on all the feedback from the update. There are a few negative, but the overwhelming majority saw positive improvements.

Cool. Thanks SlabSlayer. I guess ill decide if the minor issues i have now out weigh what little it might improve. We’ll see. Thanks.

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