V3 went offline after firmware update

After firmware update six v3 cameras will not comeback online. They show up on the Linksys router app but remain offline in the Wyze app

What firmware did you update to ?
Is your app 2.47.0 (6) ?
If all else fails you should get a 32GB in FAT32 or smaller SD card and Flash the firmware manually. It will be a PITA for six cams but it should bring them back to life.

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Did you do a power cycle (unplug) on those cams to see if they come back online?

Does tapping the Setup Button produce an announcement?

Yes to both App is 2.47.0(6), it was in the process of performing a firmware update to, but the about camera window in camera settings and the update window show

That is an October 2023 firmware. :open_mouth:
When was the last time you updated firmware?

3-4 weeks ago. Then the other day the app took me to the update page and here we are.

??? Yikes. I still recommend you do a manual flash of the firmware to .7095. Read the direction carefully, use a 32GB or smaller SD card formatted in FAT32. Rename the bin file as per directions. I know it is a lot of work for all of you cams but if you want them back that is the only suggestion I have. Maybe another member can recommended something else. Good luck. :raccoon:

I flashed no good. The issue seems to be with the Wyze app, occasionally codes error 1202 failed to update list. All of the cameras show up on the wifi manager with mac & ip addresses

error code -1202 failed to update device list