V3 camera offline after update

After installing the update my cameras are no longer online on my Samsung tablet .
I used to be able to see them using 2.21.27.

I can’t get my tablet to roll back to 2.21.27 from
Anyone have any idea on how to roll back to 2.21.27

just did our firmware on 12 V3 and had no issues

No issues with any of my v3 cams after the latest update.

You have your firmware numbers mixed up. 2.21.27 is the app firmware for Android from June 2021. The newest V3 camera firmware is Update your android app to 2.26.22 released today.

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The V3 has new firmware today so you can use the new wired floodlight/V3 cam it’s

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2 of my v3 cameras are dead after software update to
One which I have not updated works fine.

Nothing happened with 5 v2 cameras.

Contacted wyze customer service and received their response " we can’t help you because you bought your cameras in Home Depot CANADA. Go to Home Depot and exchange it".

They killed my cameras and I have to run around to look for a replacement.


Just change the firmware back to the previous version instead of running around looking for new cams. It’s a lot faster.

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