unWyze about Wyze-help

I’m new to Wyze, and just bought 2 PanCams. I am tech-inept. I got them to work, woo hoo, But I have a bunch of questions that I haven’t quite found answers to after scrolling through the forum/community for the past 2 hours.
Should I list my questions in one post, or separately?’
Thank you all in advance for any help you can give me.

Take a look at this documentation, and we can probably answer anything else:



thank you for the prompt reply> I did find some new helpful info, yay
I need these cameras to keep an eye on my dad when we’re not there, kind of a nannycam.
Anyway, I still have questions, so here goes:

Once I got them working I’ve been playing with them trying to figure stuff out. After I’ve done so, I turn them Off. Yet almost always when I check them later, they are On! I only want them On when I turn them On. Why do they keep turning themselves on?

I am in the process of sharing them with other members of the care team. Are they able to turn them on, even after I’ve turned them off? I do NOT want that.
(We had an Arlo system before and only my sister-in-law could turn them on/off. We could still view, etc Tbis is what I want.)

Can the camera be set to only pan 180 degrees? Their placement renders 360 pan unnecessary/useless.

It’s late and I gotta turn in. No big rush to reply and thank you so much in advance for any assistance.
Best regards - Susiesg

If I were you and having this problem, I would add a smart switch plug to each location.

Wyze sells them. I like using those with my Wyze cameras because they are right there in the app with the cameras. I have a hard to reach camera that makes it stand on my head to unplug power to restart it once in a while. So when I added the Wyze plug, I simply turn it off, wait 10 seconds and turn it back on. Turning it off would do what you want.

Here’s a better idea for you. Watch on Yahoo for an announcement of a sale the Kasa plugs often 4 for less than $22. Using those, in a separate app, and not giving anyone else shared access to them, would allow you to insure no one is turning them on when you don’t yet want them on. They don’t even need to know how you do it.


Yes people you share the cameras with can turn them on or off there’s no way to set it in the wyze app otherwise


@HDRock is correct, people you ‘share’ cams with, people with another Wyze user ID, CAN turn the cameras on and off.

What @Sam_Bam said is a good recommendation too – add some smart plugs.

If you share the cameras with other user IDs, then you can use Wyze smart switches. However, Wyze switches are currently about $10 each, so the Kasa $5.50 recommendation is still cheaper. If you are sharing the cameras using the same user ID as your own, then moving to another vendor is critical if you want to be the one to control power to the cameras.

One thought tho: If the cameras are only on when you watch, then any people you share with can only see when you are viewing. That means if you don’t view much, they will rarely see anything. So do you still need to share? It may just be a frustrating experience for them when they can’t see anything, and can’t do anything about it!

On the Pan Cam, I don’t know offhand of a way to limit a simple pan to a certain range, but you can limit automatic pan scans using waypoints, I believe. However, if there is nothing to see beyond ±90 degrees, I would think the pans would be self-limiting because there is nothing to see.


thank you

much appreciated