Has something changed with alerts?


I have noticed for a while that my Wyze Camera (black, if that makes a difference.) does not record when it should. For instance, I have one camera facing a little cabin that my parents have to alert me of any break-ins or help my parents if needed. I made a clip to show my https://youtu.be/_bqKsxItf78 mom coming from the cabin. There were no alerts for this in the minute it took for her to come outslde, lock the door and start walking away. However, 10 minutes later it is sending me an alert for a bird the flew by.

My settings currently -
Event Recording is set to on.
Send Notification is on.
Person On (I believe this doesn’t work anymore, but should still detect motion.)
All Other Motion On.
Detection Settings Sensitivity 50.
Detection Zone Off.
Sound 30.
Night Vision Mode Auto.

I have a Nest Cam, Arlo and a few Wyze Cameras. The Nest and Wyze have been my favorites, with my only complaint about the Wyze really being that they don’t record long enough.

Thank you!

Are you missing or getting late alerts for events that are recorded? Or completely not recording events?

If it’s just the alerts, I suspect that you may have an Android phone. The thread linked below is where we have been gnawing on this serious and annoying issue.

Also it may help if you submit a support ticket to Wyze to add another voice.


Was there another events that occurred before your mom was coming from the cabin? Maybe the 5 minute cool down was in play here. Looks like you have continuous local record on also?

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Hi I am not getting alerts or recordings. At least not for obvious movements like the link I sent. I am using an iPhone 11 and iPad.

No there were not other alerts within that time frame.

When was the last time you’ve reset the camera? Try that and see if they return.

I just tried that and nothing different. The camera sure doesn’t have a problem detecting wind. I have the sensitivity at 10 and I am getting notices every few minutes!

You may need a different sensitivity setting, or change your detection some down to only the important area. Remember with the cool down for the cloud events, when an event is triggered for whatever, the camera waits 5 mins before it is able to detect again, and it’ll miss whatever happens in that time.