Detection Zone Ignored or Inverted?

Agree that you seem to have detection setup as you wanted. Lower numbers on the sensitivity settings should reduce false positives but in theory at least you shouldn’t be getting any triggers from outside the defined zone. It is possible that something else is actually triggering motion like a reflection in the window, but nothing is obvious from the screenshots. Do you have any way to test this by moving a different camera to this location and configuring it to do as you want? That would at least help determine if it is the camera or something else.

Is motion detection promised or stated to support “thru a window/glass”?

Thanks for double checking!

The green outlines indicate where the motion was detected, right? That gives me confidence that it is detecting it in the zones that are supposed to be off.

Regardless, depending on how much free time I have (hah!), I may do your experiment…

It just dawned on me that in a prior application this camera may have been rotated 180 degrees. I’ve since done a factory reset, but I wonder if somehow the old setting is still somehow not reset and somewhere behind the scenes the camera (or software) “thinks” it is upside down which may be confusing the detection zone. Total long shot, but, I’m grasping at straws here…


Even if your idea of the 180 residue settings is not accurate, NICE effort in the deductive reasoning.

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Probably since they sell window mounts for the V3. Others have come up with home-grown window solutions such as 3-M velcro type products. Biggest issue seems to be reflections from double-pane windows.

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There seem to be multiple postings on this:


The dark squares are where you do NOT want motion detection notifications?

There is always confusion on this. The dark squares are where you do not want motion notifications.

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Correct. I am aware that the dark squares are where I do NOT want motion detection.

See the screenshots I posted of the configuration, and 3 examples of the motion detection.

Notice how the motion detection (green outlines) is located only in the dark spots.

Wyze, why is it doing this?


Why is it doing that? Cause the grid detection system is junk. It’s never worked correctly since day 1. I fight with it all the time. Just incredible that this can get passed out to the customer.


Like I said in my original post and follow up comments, it works fine on all of my other Wyze cameras, just not this one.

Perhaps someone from @Wyze can chime in or assist?

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It doesn’t work overall. I have V3 and V2 cameras with this grid system and it does not work correctly. Not at all. Hasn’t in over a year. I still get multiple notifications inside the grey areas of tree movement for example. Just nuts, but then these aren’t meant to be anything more than toys.


Have you tried removing the camera from your account, doing a factory reset and adding it back? I know it’s a lot of effort. Also, what firmware version is on the camera? You might consider doing a direct firmware update from an SD card to see if maybe there was an issue in the update you ran.

Also just noticed that a tiny portion of the trees and bushes are included in the detection zone which may be activating the motion detection.

And why should we as the customer have to spend an hour doing all that trouble shooting? That’s total bs. This grid system hasn’t worked since Day 1 !


I know this seems a bit foolish, but I would first try swapping that camera out to another location. I would bring a different camera to that spot at the front of his house and see if its the same behavior. If not the same, then I would follow WildBill’s advice to refresh firmware or remove from account and factory reset.


Did you notice the price change on the V3 glass mount? Went from something from $4.99 to $ 9.98

Be that as it may, if you want it to work, troubleshooting is required. It would be nice if Wyze would just fix it, but…

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Posted that as a suggestion in #4


do you by chance have the green motion tagging square on when you are having these issues? @hmh100

@Sam_Bam keep in mind per popular request that they changed the shipping so that it is included in the price now, thus the apparent increases. I believe that’s the cause there.

Do you think the green motion tagging affects this defect/bug? I have mine turned on.