Detection Zones Settings not saving

I’m experiencing the same issue after updating to the most recent firmware. This needs fixed ASAP.


This is what mine does every since I did the update. Every time I mark my detection settings nothing works at all. Turns back to blank. They need to hurry up and fix this because this is how I monitor my child after school.


The same thing is happening to my camera’s too! The detection zone is not saving so now I have to turn it off and get a ton of notifications for the entire frame. For the love of Christ, why can’t Wyze do software right?! If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. Whenever they release a new update, it screws something else up! Clearly they aren’t even testing the fixes before releasing them. Hire talent, not people that cut corners! And if the issue is that managers are knowingly letting the buggy fixes go out, then fire them!


You said it all, nothing to add.


Come on ppl, this is just “mildly inconvenient”! I mean, why do we need detection zones anyway!? Heck, just do away with notifications altogether! Who needs em!

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Get it all out, big guy. I can take it. Just don’t break your keyboard.

You can roll back to the previous firmware and maybe you’ll get your zones back. I’ve been too busy to try it.

In the grand scheme of life, with all that’s going on in this world, a little hiccup in some software that you can roll back is an inconvenience. If you want to scream and wave your arms in an internet forum about just how angry you are, go for it.

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Same issue here


I have experienced the EXACT same thing after updating to the new firmware a few days ago. So now I do not get zone triggers, which I set up as a safety feature. This is beyond annoying!!!


If only I could super like this comment!!!

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Maybe you can accept lazy programming, but I can’t. Wyze dropped the ball, yet again. Stop being a fan boy! If they do something great I will praise them, but when they screw I won’t their friend!

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FYI for people in this thread:


Not a fan boy. Just trying to be a patient and understanding person. I don’t think being rude and using harsh language or negative posts do anything to speed up the development process.

If you need to use me as a whipping post, go for it. I will downgrade the firmware on my camera tonight and hope that it fixes my problem. Then I’ll wait for the next firmware release.

Here’s another point. We all updated on the day the firmware came out (or the next day without checking the forums). Rookie mistake on my part. Should always wait to see what comes of it. Like not buying the very first release of a car or installing the very first version of a new operating system.

Mistakes can happen. In fact, they happen more often than not. It’s how we react to them - that can be telling.


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Onerob, Just maybe some of us dont live on a farm and dont want or need to see every automobile passing on a busy street? To each his own, I guess. But, being with Wyze since the beginning, I see now a lot more problems unattended to as they expand.

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You’re so cute that you think that mistakes happen. Clearly you have not had Wyze products for long enough to know that they consistently do this. They promise this and that and yet always disappoint.

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No anger, no screaming, and certainly no “waving of the arms” here pal. How you interpret having your arrogant, cavalier attitude challenged regarding an issue many (most) people here rely on for their safety, which, btw, can be directly linked to “all that’s going on in this world”, is all on you.

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Same problem. Detection zones wont save. Firmware on Wyze Cam v3

Thought you guys would appreciate hearing: there is a new announcement that they’re sending out a fix for this today!


I think I will wait a week or two. Wyse got me on the semi-brick update. This patch failure I caught here in the forum. Will wait for those on the front to report their findings on the latest.

Completely agree. Sorry if my satire was misinterpreted. It was to address a certain someone’s cavalier attitude that this is simply a “mild inconvenience”, who obviously either lives on a farm or is privileged enough to live in a gated community.