Detection Zone setting in Cam 2 is not saving

Can anyone tell me why the detection zone is not saved in Cam 2 ?

I am using Wyze Cam v2 (with the latest Firmware version:
While setting up the Detection Zone (Camera Settings → Detection Settings → Detection Zone (On), I found it is not saved, even though the Detection Zone setting screen tells that “This will be saved automatically

Steps to reproduce:
0) Open the WYZE app on the phone

  1. Select and save a Detection zone less than the default full screen
  2. Wait for few seconds to allow sufficient time to save
  3. Go back and close the app and re-open the app and navigate to the Detection Zone screen

Actual result:
The detection zone is found reset to default full screen

Expected result:
The detection zone should be found saved as done in step 1 above.




I would try doing a factory reset on the camera. If that doesn’t help, keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you contact Wyze Support for more help. You might want to go ahead and submit your ticket now as there is somewhat of a backlog. If you end up getting the issue resolved before support contacts you, then you can always let them that it’s already resolved.

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Same problem. Multiple versions

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I had the same problem with my detection zone not saving and going back to the undesired position. I found a fix.
Set up your detection zone to where you want it. Quickly go back out of detection settings, go to advanced settings>motor controls>reset position then click “reset”. When it resets, it will default to the position you last had it in.
If u don’t quickly reset the position, the camera will automatically go back to the original “undesired” position.
I hopes this helps.


I’m having the same problem with my v2 Cam. Once I exit the app on my phone, the Detection Zone seems to get reset.


Same issue here detection zones not saving and pixels are not showing.

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It’s the new iOS app that is causing your issue. The app 2.30.1 (10) has some issues:


Exactly… Same problem. I WISH they would FIX this app version.

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Hello Wyze team - I am having the same problem as noted herein since I update the App yesterday.

  1. I can’t set Detection Zones with the V3 as the grid with the image is not showing up. Also, when I try to toggle detection zone the changes would not save. Eventually, I had to turn notifications of to prevent all the alerts from cars and people who walk by.

  2. I can’t set detection Sensitivity for the Outdoor Cam. They are all set at the number one, and when I try to changes the sensitivity, they would not save. Now, I don’t get any notifications from my Outdoor Cams.

I have tried deleting the App and reinstalling it, and I am running the latest firmware on all Cams (of which I have 9). Also, I am using an iPhone 12 pro and I am running the latest software version as well. I think this needs to be prioritized as it makes it difficult to achieve the objective of the cameras.

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i did a chat w Wyze today about this - no real ans yet.
They need a way to REVERT to previous version in cases like this.
I agree- It’s making WOCs pretty useless.
Now, I notice the ‘Cam Plus’ has disappeared too!
What a MESS- Don’t they have BETA Testers who have WOCs?
The Outdoor cams seem to be a poor stepchild as far as Wyze support…


They (WYZE Support) don’t like Raccoons, that is the reason :upside_down_face:


I’m having the same issues … can’t adjust sensitivity setting and cannot see an overlay of my detection zone.

I just bought this WOC v2 from Amazon. If they Wyze doesn’t resolve this in 30 days … back it goes.

Looking at this thread, these problems have been an issue for month.

Why would I pay for a their Cam Plus service when they can’t even make Basic features work!!!

Wyze use to be my go to option for surveillance cameras.

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Hello Everyone - just got the new update this morning and it fixed all the issues I talked about in this post. Thanks for prioritizing this Wyze.

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Hi all - finally got detection zone to “save” – happened to get interrupted after re-doing grid - but, after that several secs of pause those magic words " Save" popped up (upper right screen on Outdoor V2) – and, Voila!

Now prob is getting Sensitivity set right - Cam picked up teeny barely visible movement of hanging plant (dozens of 6sec vids) BUT completely ignored the giant pizza delvy human;

did NOT record anything til person was handing pizza at doorway --skipped stairway &walkway to door! – plus completely stopped recording as soon as pizza person moved a cpl feet from door

See my reply at bottom (had same prob --wait for several seconds after selecting your grid squares; then upper right screen the word ‘save’ should pop up)

but need help re sensitivity settings ‘distance’