Outdoor CAM detection zone doesn't save

I have two outdoor CAMs, used to working fine, however recently one of them has such issue that detection zone setting doesn’t save, every time I configured the detection zone, go out of setting and go back into setting found the detection zone is now off.
I only have this problem with one CAM, the other one works fine. what should I do?

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Same issue here. Did you ever get a resolution?

no, not only that’s is not resolved, but now somehow, the whole detection zone setting is gone…

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@DiskOnFIre thanks for the reply. I was experiencing the same on that too, but it looks like it was finally resolved with the latest app update. Hope that was the case for you as well. Now if they can fix the issue with the Doorbell Pro that’s popped up from their update, all would be great and peaceful again. Unfortunately after dealing with support it doesn’t look like it will be though, and it seems like if it’s not one thing it’s another with Wyze issues anymore. Sad, they used to be much better. Anyhow, thanks again and best of luck to you!