Detection Zones for two different cameras doesn't seem to work

I have a Wyze Doorbell camera and a brand new Wyze Cam V3. I have tried using the Detection Zone feature on both of them to exclude areas but I still get notifications and recordings of things that occur in just those excluded zones. Am I missing some other setting that would enable the feature I need or is there a problem with the Detection Zone setting itself? I’ve searched for any similar issues but I haven’t seen a post such as mine.

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Add the Motion Tagging and see where it shows the motion is. If shadows or motion of sorts appear in the detection zone, even insects flying in front, it will trigger. Then based on your settings it may indicate an object in an area you marked off in the detection zone.

Are you able to post a picture?

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I get this same behavior on all of my cams. Those detection zones aren’t very accurate.

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