After App Update today+, make sure you change each Camera's Event Recording Type

Updated the Wyze App today (Android) 3/7/2022

You have to go into EACH CAMERA settings under Event Recording and switch Recording type to Video.

I only figured this out as I immediately only saw Images in Events (Event Log) after app upgrade and started looking around. I am Cam Plus Light Name your own price.

I had to do this with over 10+ cameras, pain in the a$$. Damn It!

Wish they would have defaulted to ‘video’ for existing users instead of image… or at least give a heads up in an email/notification… did I miss something? I read all emails from Wyze.

Also, they changed where the Cam Plus Light settings are, you have to swipe all the way left (it’s on the very right) under Account > Services.

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@DroidST, good tip…but.,… how did you get the update? I keep clicking the email link and checking the Google Play Store. It is still the .102 version. No update for me yet???

I got home today around 1pm PST and checked the app updates in the Play Store, had 10 (actually 12 available but there are two apps that I don’t want to update) and noticed Wyze was one of the 10. Just updated all 10. I do check daily and have it set to not auto update apps.

The Wyze app wasn’t in the update list in yesterday’s check.

I just happened to check Events and saw all the images (up to just after 1pm)… was like WTH!

Well I hope they didn’t pull it already! I just checked the play store again. Nothing! I feel a Conspiracy Theory forming…:thinking:

May have yet to migrate to the NSA watchlist servers.

Will check again tomorrow.

Holy Schnikes! I just read the posts in 2.28+ App Release (Take 2!) - 3/7/22


I think they might have pulled it. Either way, no update for me. I will wait.

I also had to re-configure the two other Event Recording settings (Detect Motion/Sound) all three of my Wyze Flood lights after the update, those settings got disabled.

Thanks for answering two questions that had me pulling out my hair (related to changing the Images to Video in Events and the new location of Cam Plus Lite)!!!

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All my cameras are set up to record to an SD card. I really don’t understand why the ability to record events to the local SD card should require any type of subscription. So my only option is to record continuously and then search for whatever I’m looking to find. I guess I will need to opt in for the Cam Plus Light and name my price to zero, because in my mind, it should be included with the base product.

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It doesn’t. Local recording to the uSD card and cloud recording have no relationship.

It does if you want to record events as videos.


Events - as in what you see on the Events tab? That is not uSD card recordings.

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If you have “record on motion” set for SD, then the individual recordings ARE your “events”. Not sure what else you’d need, except perhaps a central page that indexed the SD cards from all your cameras are once. That would be nice.

My understanding is that even with just thumbnails you should be able to use them to jump to the event on the SD card timeline.

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It doesn’t allow me to change it from image to video

That’s not anything to do with SD recording. I believe that’s only about cloud recorded images or snapshots. If you have been using the Events tab then you have NEVER been seeing what’s on your SD card.


Mine won’t let me change back to video! Takes me straight into a Cam+ subscription offer. This pisses me off. It was recording event videos up until midnight last night and now TWO of my cams are image only and won’t allow the shift back. WTF Wyze?


Search for Cam Plus lite (it’s free).

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Just do it. :slight_smile:

Also, it’s not really a deadline.

Ummmm yeah - except I’ve had that all along and Wyze changed it arbitrarily and now when I go back to subscribe it tells me I’m already subscribed (No sh#t)…. But still won’t let me go further until I enter a credit card. Hmmm.

To what does it think you are already subscribed? The CamPlus Lite tier can be acquired for all cameras at $0 total and no credit card if you avoid all the guilting prompts to the contrary.