Recent app update may alter camera settings

I just found and resolved a problem that I encountered after doing a forced update of the Wyze app this month. The problem is that something in the update process altered/corrupted at least one setting on several of my cameras. Specifically, ‘Event Recording’ → ‘Recording Type’ was altered to ‘Image’ causing no video snippets to be recorded. (I think a couple other settings were also altered, but I cannot be completely certain.) This affected most (but oddly not all) of my V2 cameras. My V3 cameras did not show the problem.

So, in the course of troubleshooting, consider the possibility that something like an update may have altered/corrupted your camera settings.

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With any Wyze update there is usually something that goes wrong…:face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I have two Cam Pan’s that started rebooting constantly this evening. Not sure if it’s related, but I did update the app today and when I started to look at the cams that’s when the problem started.

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Same prob here tkk, only v2 cams not recording video. When I go to event recording for each cam (iOS version) everything is on but I don’t have any option to choose event recording type?? Where do you see this option?

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Hi jns,
I attached two screenshots to show how I navigated to the “Event Recording” - > “Recording Type” option. This was on app version v2.29.0.114 running under the “BlueStacks” emulator. This app version is from earlier this year, and I was using older versions to try and isolate my problem.

Interestingly, I also checked my phone installation which is at the most recent app version v2.37.1.134, and indeed the “Event Recording” page is different (which is perhaps what you are seeing). I attached a screenshot of how that looks now (with everything working) and indeed the “Recording Type” option has been removed. I don’t know what it may have looked like when the configuration was corrupted since I found and fixed my config using the older app version.

I hope this helps.

Under v2.29.0.114:

Under v2.37.1.134: