Get Rid of Send My Video Prompt

How do I get rid of this in-the-way update of asking to submit EVERY single 12 sec. video to Wyze?
We will never send them, no matter what the reason, I see the request as an Invasion of Privacy.
How can we get rid of this notice? After declining, it never leaves the screen.
Can it be removed?

What version are you using, the version I have everything does go away. Also it is up to every user whether or not to share the videos but that is how the person detection learns so I do not believe there is a way to completely shut it off. In the beta version I have nothing ever comes on the screen there is just a banner at the bottom that asks if you want to share, so no pop up there.

It is v2.10.36 and this just showed up on Wednesday, at the bottom where you would delete Event videos and easily hit Submit which we keep accidentally hitting.
Yes, never sending it, I’m not a Beta user, don’t care about Person Detection because it had not been working prior anyway.
So no master way to shut this off? It is not needed to be embedded on every single Event video.

Cam v3, version 2.30.0 and every 12 second clip is asked to send, there is a yes but no X or no to click. If i send it. it will not play clip before or after sending. The only way to view the clip is to hit playback.