Get rid of Annoying Help U improve line

Is there a way to get rid f that annoying HELP US IMPROVE Al by sharing this one video with wyze. ???

There is currently no way to remove the message from the bottom of event clip playback.
You’re not required to submit clips for review and none will be submitted unless you select “yes” to the message.

I would think if were paying for the service they shouldn’t burden us like ads do… difference between real security cams vs these…

I don’t think Wyze is trying to cause any inconvenience, the message only shows up at the bottom and it doesn’t require action to playback videos.

Install an older version of the app from APKMirror. Not sure which (if any) does away with the prompts completely.

One of the co-founders was recently in a Q&A session. He was asked about ads. He explained if they do away with ads, then the price of services and products are going to have to increase too. So, ads are the price we are paying for “cheap stuff”.

you just said were paying for i… so why again?