Stop showing me ads to upgrade!

Stop showing me ads to upgrade to continuous recording when I am playing back an event! I have a 32 gig chip and have all the recording time I want and need.

I DONT WANT OR NEED your subscription service to do what I already have.

VERY ANNOYING and intrusive. STOP IT!!!

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No one here can turn it off for you. Assuming you’re running a fairly recent version of the Wyze app:

Wyze app Home > Account (lower right) > Notifications > In-app Notifications > Uncheck what you don’t want or turn it all off at the top. This does not change your “push notifications” from your cams… it turns promotional, news, etc. on or off.


That setting definitely does NOT stop the annoying ads. Ours has always be set to “off” and again today we got a totally useless notification to “buy our new vacuum cleaner”. Ugh. Why did I pay a small fortune for all these cameras and other hardware… just to get more and more ads and notifications???

Utter JUNK, TURN IT OFF!! :angry:

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Completely agree, STOP with the fricking ads in my application!!! I buy almost everything that Wyze makes, multiples of them. But Stop pestering me in the application to buy stuff I don’t want. I know what is available and it just pisses off a loyal (for now) customer.

I have stopped all Wyze purchases, and stopped recommending them to friends, family and coworkers because these STUPID ADS keep popping up. (my inApp notification setting has been off for a long time).